Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Moon is Full in Aquarius at 11:10 a.m. San Francisco Time on Monday, August 7th. At 11:20 a.m. we will experience the partial Lunar Eclipse at 15° Aquarius.

When I say Aquarius you picture weird. You are correct! Aquarius is the mystery child of the zodiac. Detached, scientific, metallic, electric and sometimes a little unhinged, Aquarius does Aquarius. Eyes fixed on an unseen horizon, they keep their own council and answer to a higher logic than most of us are capable of.

This Eclipse happens on the Leo-Aquarius axis and highlights the tension between our own inner creativity and how we are able to serve the group. On the one hand, you’re a visionary rebel bad ass with no concern how the other kids see you. On the other you are a passionate leader who inspires through dramatic love and loyalty. Which is true? Both, these polarities complete each other. Take a look at your chart to see where this is happening for you.  For example, one reader has an Aquarian 4th house and a Leo 10th house and so we were looking at how she can take those unique 4th house vibes and serve them up Leo style to the outer world.

Fly your freak flag, this is an atomic Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Individuality is paramount. Oh and expect the unexpected. Yes, Aquarius is ruled by liberator Uranus and in addition to being a higher octave of Mercury, Uranus is the original enlightener (see the Tower). Erratic emotions and the unexpected will have a starring role in this electric Lunation. Dimension shift ahead, buckle up.


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