August Horoscopes

There’s no way to condense August into a manageable chunk so sit back and prepare to be fast tracked straight into the ring of fire . Everything familiar is becoming rearview. Shadows flit and the wind carries a tinge of electricity.  How’s it all going to play out? Keep reading. For best results, check your Rising, Moon and Sun sign respectively. Don’t know what yours are? Find out here.

Leo/Rising:  It’s go time for Leos.  Mars in Leo makes your every move golden, get it done! The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 7th at 11:11 a.m. might prick a bit, potentially bursting a relationship bubble. And YAS, numerologists take note! It is an angelic hour and minute. Pay attention to insights especially if they’re out of the what-you-want-to-hear narrative. With the North Node in Leo, you are in the Universal crosshairs, it’s all Leo from here until November 2018. Yep. The much heralded second in a row Leo New Moon and Solar Eclipse on August 21st is the moment to relaunch yourself and become one of the Twice Born.  Uranus goes retrograde on August 3rd. Uranus is a higher octave of Mercury and surreal as fuq, yeah, that’s why all the weird shiite. Get ready now Leo, because Uranus is hovering the heck outta your MC and getting ready to land in your career sector, surprise!

Virgo/Rising:  Not so fast Virgo-go, lest you think you’re done with the spotlight.  Your ruler, Mercury, is Retro throughout August. In Virgo. If you have planets in Virgo you’re going to be trippin’ balls. Saturn lessons on your home front are in their final lap, this is the perfect time to review. Venus in your friend zone keeps the invites coming, try and say Yes more often than no because social groups are tre’ practical as well as emotionally satisfying.  The coming Eclipses are happening on your soul-work axis. Say goodbye to outmoded daily routines with the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse at 11:11 a.m.  August 7th, this can include how you combine work/service as well as health habits you’d like to drop. Once you’ve washed all that away, you can turn your attention to dry cleaning your soul! August 21st is the second New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse aka, the American Eclipse, and will confer on Virgos a new level of soul vision hitherto reserved for super heroes. How will you use this power? Uranus Retro on the 3rd is the beginning of the end of a seven year cycle, but first a review. It’s almost over, just don’t let your guard down at the last second. The phases “Last but not least” and “saved the best for last” come to mind.

Libra/Rising:  Jupiter makes the livin’ seem easy, but remember, this transit doesn’t last forever so use it to launch up not feed the indolence beast.  Have I mentioned the Jupiter-Pluto square? Secrets, hidden money, bringing forth from the depths, all these take a certain amount of “birthing” and a lot of squares are walking around trying to hold it all in right now, that’s not going to go well.  Dream big and infuse your home with healing energy that represents your personal and ancestral transformation inspo. If you hail from peasants and that scarred you, gild it up. Or vice versa, you dig? The Aquarius Lunar Eclipse at 11:11 a.m. August 7th is the satisfaction of a romantic or creative endeavor, it has peaked and a new restlessness takes its place, keep moving.  The August 21st second New Moon Leo and Solar Eclipse of August 21st is a sneak peek at future you, think big and set your best intentions! When you do, make sure to do so with total acceptance of who you are, not who you think everyone says you’re supposed to be. It’s okay, really!

Scorpio/Rising:  Raise your hand if you’re over Saturn in Sag? Lessons riiiight? I mean come on, you’re practically churning your own butter these days. Not to even mention the Jupiter-Pluto stand off happening between your vision and networking sectors. Ideas vs How To Execute Them. August 7th at 11:11 a.m. we have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius ending a stale domestic scenario, welcome to the New Era. The August 21st second New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse is a fabulous career upgrade moment. Destiny, reputation and legacy, they’re all on the line here and though astrologers are abuzz about the upcoming Uranus transit to your MARRIAGE house, I’d keep my eye on that public image sector. You have a rare opportunity to pull off some major practical magic, boosted by Mars, in an area of your life that can last well beyond any old sweet talking seven year Uranian transit. Prioritize!

Sagittarius/Rising:  Saturn riding you, Pluto on your tail. I’d love to hear from any Centaurs regarding their current money mojo. With the Jupiter-Pluto square either you’re hiding it or digging it up. Thoughts? Ever the original Blunt, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius at 11:11 a.m. August 7th is going to up your communication jones. Something a lawyer friend of mine, an ultimate hand in velvet glove Libra, said to me was that she often argues both sides of a case with herself to super grok her opposition. All the better to Jedi mind trick them. I’d suggest something similar to you, I’d even go so far as to say that YOU can enjoy the truth without having to make others see it.  The August 21st second New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse is time to reset your favorite motivating factor, Truth and your relationship to it. Saturn has refined your philosophies and lined them up in a much more grounded setting. From here, you can set out to almost anywhere and own it as you’re operating as a solid far more than a gas these days.

Capricorn/Rising:  Capricorn are my peeps. I don’t understand them, I often accuse them of  being calculating and heartless but damn if it doesn’t turn out that the one picking up what I’m laying down or insider schmoozing with me over the guacamole is some kick ass seagoat.  Public Self vs Private self continue to duel it out, an uncommon dilemma for Caps. All I can say is it will work out, if it hasn’t worked out yet that’s just because it’s not over.  Uranus Retro gives a chance to vibe some final transformations at home, but it’s almost over. Think back over the last seven years, what was starting then is ending now. The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 11:11 a.m. on August 7th closes a financial deal, the old way of doing it has either paid off or needs to be abandoned. Think back to seeds planted in February. The August 21st second New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse is all about a sexy reset in shared energy, shared resources and anything else you’re sharing.  You may be a lot more smoldering and mystical than is your custom, that’s okay, enjoy it while it lasts. Visualize yourself as a diamond showing off another facet.

Aquarius/Rising:  Your ruler goes Retro on the 3rd and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is happening in Aquarius at 11:11 a.m. on August 7th. I know, I know–you see dead people, clowns, ghosts of peacocks. It’s real, I’m hearing it from all the Aquas. No, you’re not crazy. Make some popcorn, enjoy the freak show. Old you isn’t coming back btw, you get to slow the pace in coming months, a needed break after Uranus in Aries. The August 21st second New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse in your house of committed partnerships is off the hook. The energies at play here are self vs other, individuality vs partnership. Don’t settle for some square that can’t even trip on ghosts with you tho. Hold out for that special, electric from every angle ideal, this is a time you might be able to size up to a more spiritual plane than you’ve been able to in the past. And the timing couldn’t be better to plant those seeds as you’re about to get do over at home. Maybe bring something different to the nest this go around, think metal sculpture over say, throw pillows.

Pisces/Rising:  August is putting the feelz all over you. Pluto is transforming the fuq out of your your friends and social groups while the Jupiter vibe in your 8th is amping the pressure up via square. Pressure! Let’s talk Eclipses! The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 11:11 a.m. on August 7th can be the end of some heavy karma and the lifting of some limitations for many fish folk. Even you can’t be Emo all the time and to help you kick it out, the August  21st, second New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse is here to help you get just a little more metal.  Pisces can sometimes not be the heartiest of souls, this is an excellent opportunity to boost your daily wellness routines and hone skills that will make your life run more smoothly. You’ve got undiscovered leadership potential and becoming the boss of your own life, not necessarily what Pisces get famous for, is absolutely in you.

Aries/Rising:  The tension between relating to one person and relating to your personal legacy is at an all time high. It won’t be waning any time soon, learning to balance is the name of the game. The ever critical Aries sense of SELF will be changing again after review, ending a 7 year, sometimes erratic, game changer. The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 11:11 a.m. August 7th is for the most part, the end of your association with a particular social group or person. That’s just not who you are anymore, if you ever were. Longer term relations are secure, hey, at least you tried, right?  I’ve got my eye on the August 21st second Leo New Moon and Solar Eclipse which is tailor made for you. Everyone is jelly as you get the sexy end of this eclipse, which will douse your pleasure centers in fairy dust and stimulate your creative mojo with the perfect alchemical cocktail. This is all especially welcome as you come off a recent bummah. It’s still summer honey, don’t pack up your gear just yet.

Taurus/Rising:  Astrologers are still mulling over possibilities regarding the next 7 years of Uranus in Taurus. Will it be financial anarchy or a more humanitarian imagining of resources? Can we have one without the other? The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 11:11 a.m. August 7th ups your career vibe in so far as you are either finishing up a major coup or cutting your losses as you find a better angle from which to power up. The August 21st second Leo New Moon and Solar Eclipse sees you turning over a new leaf at Chateau Bull. You’ll be reevaluating your sense of home as you ponder whether it’s inside of you, a place or a community and how to match that with wanting to be where you are, or how to get there. Instead of untangling knots, prepare to become more inscrutable in coming months. You don’t know you, trust me hunty.

Gemini/Rising:  Your ruler Mercury is Retrograde so move with caution if you have to move at all. It’s kinda like you’re in the Black Lodge through August. Saturn is doing his final lap through your house of committed partnerships and this can clear the way for some future Big Love now that you’ve learned to take responsibility for previous choices. The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 11:11 a.m. on August 7th ends stale networking connections, you need the fresh insight that comes from a communications lull. The August 21st second Leo New Moon and Solar Eclipse revs up your spiritual prowess and you are able to finally achieve the lift off you’ve been so desperately seeking. If you’ve felt trapped in a Victorian novel, particularly during the month’s beginning, keep the 21st on your calendar as the official return of your inner connection to that famous Gemini Fabulous.

Cancer/Rising:  Venus spends much of August gracing the waters of Cancer before heading into your $ sector at the end of the month.  Lucky you! Communication breakdowns abound this month, people can see your lips moving but are prone to hearing a rearranged version of what you intended. The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 11:11 a.m. on August 7th puts an end to some uncertainty around shared resources, the old ways are out. Decide now how you want it to be going forward, don’t be timid. The delicious August 21st second Leo New Moon and  Solar Eclipse is lit in your $ sector, so cement in whatever fresh inspo you glimpsed earlier in August during the Full Moon. And no it is not your imagination, the Pluto-Jupiter square is amping up the contrast between your family role and your role as a partner. Be true to yourself and bring as much of your unmasked self to each as humanly possible. Remember, it’s not like the caterpillar is initially thrilled with the prospect of transformation either. That’s never how it works.


Art: Dennis Calvert’s Light Painting





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