Standing in The Shadows

Here’s everything you need to know about the strongest Mercury Retro we’ve experienced in quite some time.

This Retrograde is happening in Virgo, health issues you thought were over might show up again for review and work miscommunications will also be on the menu. We’ll need to iron out how we administer to our daily routines and organizational challenges. If we sift down further, the area of your chart ruled by Virgo is impacted in the big shift.  It’s time to clean house. If you’re ready to get yourself together you’re gonna love this, if you are lying in bed eating Terra chips right now and hiding from your emails, that’s not gonna work out.

Mercury Retrograde doesn’t make you late or give you transportation and electronic issues. But, it brings to the surface what already isn’t working and where perhaps you’ve been making do. Things can only be held together so long by rubber bands. It’s going to break now so you can fix it for good. So much Virgo excitement!

Dates:  July 24th, Mercury enters the shadow zone in Leo.  August 12th put a big red X on this day as Mercury stations direct in Virgo here and we’ll be experiencing peak Retro. The Retrograde continues through September 5th and stations again, another big red X day as Direct Station energy zings a big warp flare at all of us. We remain in the shadow zone through September 19th and Mercury keeps it Virgo until Oct 1 then heads into Libra.

Note we have a Big Ass Eclipse on August 21st which I will be posting about endlessly in the weeks ahead which occurs on the same degree as the Sept 5 Direct Station for an extra shot of cosmic wow. The Big Ass Eclipse (solar) is preceded by a Lunar Eclipse in August, always two there are.

The best strategy for survival is back everything up, give yourself extra time to be wherever you’re going. Expect delays and snafus. Avoid signing contracts or big purchases because you won’t have all the information you need until later and you may have to resign. Anything with a RE is a must. Re-visit, Re-do, Re-View, Re-late, Re-write, get it? Good.  Oh yeah, and just hold your tongue while you watch the squares try to figure out what the fuq is going on. Enjoy!


*Photo credit, incredible Ekaterina Belinskaya





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