Leo New Moon

The Moon is New in Leo on Sunday July 23rd at at 2:46 a.m. San Francisco time. Magnificent Leo, generator of the most adjectives of any other sign! Regal, creative, childlike, a leader…I could go on.

If Cancer is a swim in our feelings, Leo is a call to action. Have you ever noticed that one sign crashing into the next is the moment the next sign does exactly what the previous didn’t? Our charts work together in a similar fashion.

This dramatic New Moon activates the area of your chart it hits and is the perfect time to assess your Leo show. Are you inspired and inspiring people to be their most loyal, passionate, dedicated selves? Leo leads not through dry dedication to duty, but love of duty and belief in a cause. A conjunction to Mars gives this lunation a warrior vibe, and a square from Uranus amps the quest for liberation way up. An explosive combo, yes?



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