Capricorn Full Moon

The current waxing Capricorn Moon is Full on Saturday, July 8th San Francisco time at 9:06 p.m. No lie, this is not an easygoing lunation.

Saturn ruled, this is some serious moonlight. Structure, maturity, elder statesmanship and time management are highlighted. Take a look at who you’ve got under your thumb. Or, is it the other way around?

Home vs. the public sphere come into play here. Your best course of action during this Capricorn Full Moon, is to harness the energy to turn inward and meditate on something earthly. An alter with a pinch of soil and a scattering of quartz will do nicely. If that sounds good but would mean getting off your couch, that’s okay too.

Stress levels are amped, you might perceive hostilities that aren’t actually there. Stay low key, avoid situations that could turn volatile. There’s nothing you have to solve now that wouldn’t be better considered in a few days’ time.


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