Cancer New Moon

We just hit the Summer high water mark with the Solstice, which functions as not only the beginning of imperceptibly shorter days but the exclamation point on a super dense energy build up.

Meditaters especially are attuned the the yang reverb that peaks with the Summer Solstice. Fuses are shorter as people deal with increased fire, which flows like syrup this time of year. Great if you’re using it for something creative, challenging if it’s left to turn inward on you.

After that even the Sun is ready to cool off by jumping into brothy Cancer. The Moon turns new again on 6/23/17 at 7:30 p.m. San Francisco time. This New Moon is ultra rad conjunct both Mercury and the Sun.

New ideas related to home, a new emotional beginning and a fresh start to nurture yourself come into play with a Cancer New Moon. Connect with your inner and outer mother, whatever that looks like for you and pay attention to what house this is happening in to achieve maximum fabulousness.



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