Sagittarius Full Moon

You probably didn’t even need me to tell you the Full Moon is coming at 6:09 a.m. San Francisco time, maybe that’s just a frame for the WTF of the last few days…

Centaur, Archer, Party Animal, Sage…next to Leo, Sagittarius has the most adjectives attached to its glittery name. On a mission for Freedom and Truth, the Full Moon in Sag asks us to align with our higher power. Remember Sagittarius rules Religion and Philosophy (and long trips and higher education and the hips and and and…).

Conjunct Saturn, this lunation is sober af and requires us to take a look at the area of our chart where this Full Moon bloom is going down. Jupiter direct amps the whole vibe into opportunity territory, though it may not seem like it at the time. Be real with yourself about who you are and where you are. Steer clear of peeps who are short circuiting with the intensity, ground yourself and you you can make this work for you.


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