June Horoscopes

June is a portal month, always has been, always will be. The Solstice of midsummer always drops a veil of beautiful freaquery when it hits, like an inky drop of red in the middle of your plate. Where will you land on the other side of June’s dimension shift? Let’s find out!

Gemini/Rising:  You’re an idea witch in June, super powers increase warp factor 10 when your ruler Mercury hits Gemini early in the month. I have a theory that people drink caffeine specifically to feel more like Gemini feels on the daily. The key to all of this is manifesting, get your top 3 electrical brain storms into the physical plane, even if it’s just by writing them down. They must exist in this realm to matter. The Sagittarius Full Moon of the 9th in your house of committed partnerships throws light onto your shadow side, remember, discomfort is the beginning of growth. You’ll be in your jam again come the Cancer New Moon of the 23rd and like all of us, changed.

Cancer/Rising:  Shedding and more shedding, who are you now? Where are you now? The Sagittarius Full Moon of the 9th won’t feel revolutionary but does mark the ending of daily routines that no longer serve.  The Cancer New Moon of the 23rd can mean love magick, new $ mojo and an upgraded, if unfamiliar, verson of you. Don’t fritter the new energy bursting forth on petty disputes. Use it to transform. Because you start out with a set amount of energetic resources and once it’s gone, it’s gone. You think of your energetic resources as a kind of currency, don’t spend it on irritations. Risings especially have been in it lately as one era ends and the new one is about to start.

Leo/Rising:   We’re still adjusting to the cosmic shift of the North Node to Leo, teaching us all to live and love on a more personal level than we’re used to.  The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th in your house of fun can bring to conclusion an era of endless philosophizing and contextualizing and usher in a new vibe of sagacious, freewheeling creativity. If you let it. The Cancer New Moon of the 23rd in your house of soul can bring some old demons in on the tide, get your No Shit Shields up and instead you’ll just reap treasure and dispense with the flotsam. Remember, there is always the problem and then our problem with the problem. Dithering itself can actually be the larger issue, recognizing this can be the portal to freedom.

Virgo/Rising:  Avoid the ghosts of lost loves past or their equivalent in June, you couldn’t live on crumbs then and you certainly cannot live on crumbs now. Come on now, you’ve seen this movie so many times! The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th is always either a little lucky or manic for you, like you’ll find a dollar on the street or feel utterly short circuited.  However it plays, use the time to clean out any clutter, get new pillows or refresh anything in need of upgrade at home. By the New Moon in Cancer on the 23rd you’ll be ready to focus that buzz on networking and a fresh crop of peeps just as interested in action and transformation as yourself. Try to stay out of trouble until then, or at least make it intriguing trouble.

Libra/Rising:  My face tho, when people talk about “self care.” TBH, we are, in my opinion, far too self interested as it is. And while low Libra can vibe too codependent when out of balance, high Libra can also represent the best of selflessness. So when I tell you dear Libra, to take care of yourself first in June, that’s where it’s coming from. If you need to retreat into vacay mode, even if only metaphorically-don’t hestitate! The Sagittarius Full Moon on the 9th is a good time to hide behind some rose glitter glasses and let people ride it out in their own way, stay above the fray.  The fancy fresh Cancer New Moon of the 23rd is excellent for career advancement, you’re seen as the Can Do individual, and for good reason.

Scorpio/Rising:  Zomg! Zomg! I have been watching Uranus creep closer and closer to your 7th house. Part fascination, part alarm. You might be getting a taste of it with Uranus/Venus conjunct and freeky right now. More to come and there is no one way this will play out. Prepare for the unexpected. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th can bring closure to $ questions that have been hanging in the balance for longer than is comfortable. More so for Risings. The New Moon in Cancer on the 23rd pushes you inside, where you always have a stash of renewable secret passion at the ready. It’s the same hidden well that keeps anyone from grokking what you’re actually about, peeps only see the sparks you’re throwing off, but they have no idea. And they don’t know they have no idea, which is what gets them in trouble. Just keep doing you.

Sagittarius/Rising:  Dropping people, pounds and bullshit tolerance all while gaining a new appreciation for Google sheets, I see you Centaur. You got Saturn on your back, you’re so cut these days but how much more can you take?! We’re gonna find out as the Sagittarius Full Moon  of the 9th happens the same time as your ruler Jupiter goes direct. The urge to overindulge in people, emotions and everything else is UP, the only real escape is to spiritualize your urges and use them for something good. Saturn will make sure there are instant consequences otherwise. Shared resources get revamped with the Cancer New Moon of the 23rd if you are playing from the role of your highest self, something you are more able to do now than ever before. Despite your party rep, most of your actions are geared toward aligning with the Ultimate Reality, something you are more able to do now than at any time in the past.

Capricorn/Rising:  It’s called Reality School and you are now enrolled. Congratulations! The key to navigating your courses and getting the best marks is to avoid dramatic or negative scenarios or peeps. Yes, this could be said of anyone at any time but you in particular might feel like a magnet for the unhinged. Practice duck and cover more than engaging and you’ll save your energy for better things! The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th can be an excellent time to let go of any grotty soul patterns you’ve been holding onto past due date.  A fresh perspective on partnership if not an actual fresh new lover is on the menu with the Cancer New Moon of the 23rd, you’ll get whichever one you need the most! Enjoy! You have an interesting late 2017 and 2018, just stay chill and stay tuned. I’ve got my eye on you.

Aquarius/Rising:  People, like mosquitos, can be relentless. They just keep comin’ at you! Make like a sensei and recognize your best defense is a philosophical attitude. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th can trigger an ending, what needs to go in terms of your networking persona? Think along the lines of fine pruning, a new era of expansion and elasticity is coming down the pike. The South Node in Aquarius demands it. The Cancer New Moon of the 23rd is perfect for an emotional reset. How does your daily routine and attention to the details of your life support you? Concentrate on how you want to organize your future to keep your life running smoothly without the hassle. The energy of this New Moon is tre’ supportive and it will leave you free to think the big thoughts. Streamline wherever possible and eye everything familiar with suspicion.

Pisces/Rising:  I am obsessed with systems! And recently I have been entranced by Dondi Dahlin’s Five Elements and this new layer of info she brings to the table and how it all fits together with astrology. Because it does! There are more colors now, for example you might be a super straight from the depths fish but all yang and fire! I could go on but get her book already or make use of her free and electrifying resources on the web. June is an excellent time for you to go inside and connect with your higher aspirations and line them up with the direction you want to head. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th is fantastic for rebranding your public image, out with the old and serve up the fresh and unexpected instead. The Cancer New Moon on the 23rd is wonderful for flowing creativity and a fabulous hit of inspiration. Time to set sail and visualize your future perfect self.

Aries/Rising:  It’s been a tough learning curve but it’s nearing completion. Think of the trips you’ve taken, the maps you’ve studied and the sometimes too chunky life lessons you’ve had to digest since 2015. You’re usually the Man/Woman of action, but if you feel like living from the couch right now–it’s cool. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th is the Final Exam, there’s no new material but you’ll definitely know everything you were supposed to by it’s end. The New Moon in Cancer on the 23rd will feel sweeter, reconnect with your castle/lair/couch and summon your inner as well as actual or spiritual mother, it’s a fresh start and a nesting revamp. Just in time and just what you need as the ground will finally start to slow down beneath your feet. I’m not gonna lie, it is all weird but don’t fight it. Trying to has been the root of a lot of your troubles of late.

Taurus/Rising:  Yeah, yeah, yeah, hands over your velvety ears. Enjoy it! Because…man, you are going to be so LIT. But for now, it’s all good. Venus is heading your way bb, and what a delicious reunion, just what you need. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th tidies up any shared energy dilemmas, whether it be $ or sexual in nature. The Cancer New Moon of the 23rd amps up your capacity for new ideas and your charm offensive pulls people in extra close because your tongue is like butter and they are digging what you’re laying down. Crazed inspo Uranus is heading your way meaning that you will be where the magic happens. Astrologers are abuzz with interpretations, will Taurean ruled endeavors like banking, beauty, and the earth sink into chaos? Or will we get a revamp?It’s never too early to start grounding yourself and preparing for the future.


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