Gemini New Moon

If  you’re feeling like a sluggish potatoad right now, then take heart, this is the lowest energy point of our current lunar cycle. Tomorrow’s New Moon in Gemini will put a snazzy spring in your step! At 12:44 pm San Francisco time, the time is right to hit refresh on the twin-ly themes of info gathering, playing social maven, and generally enjoying the buffet table of life.

This lovely photo of Tilda Swinton embodies some of my fave Gemini characteristics. First of all, who the fuq IS she? No one knows and no one ever will. Because Gemini. She’s a Gemini Moon btw. Elfin and elusive with pops of dark acid green clothing and neon yellow swipes of make up, she’s like an irridescent butterfly wing, she can never be just one thing, person, color, way. The perfect metaphor and symbol for Gemini energy.

Take a page out of Tilda’s book tomorrow and wear a touch of acid green and or canary yellow in time to harness this buzzy version of Mercury energy. And whatever you do, keep it short and sweet, JUST the way Gemini likes it.


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