Your Lover’s Chart

Ah yes, love and $. Romance is only about the 3rd most requested topic I get from women and it comes up quite frequently with men. People aren’t thinking about what you think they’re thinking about.

Here’s the scoop on some quick chart hacks you can use whether you’re Tindering your way to a soulmate or are on year 30 of wedded bliss. These are not a substitute for an actual synastry report. And what works for one couple may not work for another–a Poly may not want the same thing as a Mono. Not everyone enjoys the comfort of a settled relationship, some people get off on discord. One size does not fit all, for the deets on your love style, consult a professional astrologer/shrink/shaman/magic 8 ball/your aunt Glenda.

The first thing you need is a birth time, birth date, and birth city. Of course you may not have all of that after one coffee meet up, but if you’re the type to google your future husband’s chart, I trust you’ll figure it out. If you can’t get a birth time you won’t get a house system but you’ll still know a lot, same with city. And for those of you already hooked up, these shortcuts will work for helping you relate to your lover in new ways.

Where is their Moon? The classic mating combo is one person’s Moon mirroring the other person’s sun, for example: A Sagittarius Sun sign with a Sagittarius Moon sign. The Moon will tell you the emotional nature of the person. Where is their Venus? A 5th house Venus in Cancer will roll entirely differently from a 1st house Venus in Gemini. Note the element involved air/fire/water/earth and house system if you’re fancy. Venus tells you what the person loves. Example: That Cancer Venus wants nurturing, emotional safety and someone to process feelings with. And that Gemini Venus wants to keep moving and experience variety as well as lightness. Now add sexy Mars to the mix, that’s the engine of the chart. Mars tells you the style in which people go after what they love, and a lot about their sexuality. Mars in Aries doesn’t enjoy the waiting game and you’ll always know where you stand with them. If you get a Mars in Virgo, be prepared for them to be working at all times, even for fun. And they’ll want you right there beside them on all their projects, for them, that IS fun.

It’s very common for men to project their Venus and Moon onto the women in their lives and just as common for women to project their Mars onto the men in their lives. To see if you’ll end up one of those ever in sync brother/sister couples or part of a more colorful and dramatic love match, I cannot recommend enough that you know your own chart and what makes you feel good and that you immediately get a copy of Through The Looking Glass THE ultimate relationship guide. You can’t drive without a license and you shouldn’t swipe right without knowing what it takes to star in YOUR show.

Finally, how do you know when you’ll meet her or leave him? Look for transits to the 5th house of romance and 7th house of marriage. Note, they’re in different houses which leads me to recommend this gem. You’d be surprised how a transiting planet often shows up represented in human form. If Uranus is tripping through your 7th house, you’re in for an eccentric show, and btw delay marriage until that particular transit is ovah!

I can hear your heads spinning as you calculate all the ways you can use this information. While you are mulling it over, consider streaming the delicious Love Witch this weekend, now on Amazon. You’re welcome.

The Lovers tarot card from the Aquarian Deck.


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