May Horoscopes

Let’s all just take a moment to savor the mostly over Mercury Retrograde mostly in Taurus. While these yin periods of reflection are critical, the gifts are not always immediately apparent. Judging by the number of alarmed Taurus who contacted me, especially headed toward last Monday’s direct station, it was a doozy! Now is time to look ahead to steamy dreamy May, let’s buzz on over.

Taurus/Rising:  Your current favorite flavor is change. But how to get there? The keyword here is observe. First off, no major moves for you until after the 19th as you are going to be in the Retro feelz zone strongly through the 19th. There is a gigantic reveal moment coming with the Scorpio Full Moon of the 10th, and it’s in your partnership sector. Uh huh, what was it Maya Angelou said? “When someone shows you who they are, believe them. The first time.” It’s gonna be like that. Please take the time needed to digest all information and wait until the shadow period ends for you before leaping into the unknown, you will feel quite differently by the Gemini New Moon of the 25th.

Gemini/Rising:  Twinz in the haus! Oh girl, you are baaack! I know the last couple of months have been the seemingly crappy icing on the cake you didn’t even want, but the update is complete. And the patches to the update have been implemented. And the bugs are all debugged and now you will have a chance to start feeling like your old self again. But better! The Scorpio Full Moon of the 10th puts the finishing touches on a cycle of completion in your daily work life, you’ll see a lot of details involving health patterns and how you organize, it’s okay to just sit with the new info and wait until the spectacular Gemini New Moon of the 25th before launching into the fresh directions you’ve decided on. From now on, you’re taking your orders from the highest authority.

Cancer/Rising:  Your assignment is to fall back in love with life. What?! Yep. I can already hear your protests and I am not having it. Reroute your emotional projections and energy into mad, indiscriminate love for the whole-life burrito platter. Your pains, your losses, your fear, all of it. Love it, lick it and smother it with that special Cancer Love sauce. The Scorpio Full Moon on the 10th marks the beginning of a new creative cycle and end of a love cycle. Just let it go. I’m giving you impossible directions, I know! But  lean into it the best you can, the New Moon in Gemini on the 25th is a chance to start over in a core area of your psyche, but to get the momentum you need, you must cultivate gratitude for everything. Especially the things you got that you did not want or that didn’t turn out the way you hoped. Thank the Universe specifically for your anti-gifts.

Leo/Rising:  Here’s the deal in May, it’s going be a parade of ghosts rattling their chains at you. Now, you have battled and buried a lot of these peeps already, so wtf? Real talk, a lot of this is going down so you have a chance to clean out and heal any residual damage from your past. Stock up on sunscreen, kleenex, funny movies in your watchlist queue and probably some patience and acceptance. Do not battle unless you are willing to put everything on the line and prepared to duel to the death. The Scorpio Full Moon on the 10th is time to let go of root family issues, write it down and burn it or just picture yourself writing it down and burning it. Goodbye! The New Moon in Gemini on the 25th is going to feel so delicious as you are so well loved in your impressive social circles, you will have lots of witty worship and attention coming your way and that will help balance some of the insights that came with the Full Moon.

Virgo/Rising:  Forever trying to organize, arrange and perfect, many Virgo do this internally as well which is always the biggest surprise for others and the reason Virgo can make people uncomfortable. They will not tolerate boxes of psychic crap in the corner of the relationship or your personality, it drives them crazy. The Scorpio Full Moon on the 10th is like a super nutrient boost of x-ray vision in an occult secret power shake mixed with just a shiver of chia seeds. You will come to some conclusions you’ve been relentlessly striving after for some time, but they will fall into place while you are thinking about something else entirely. The New Moon in Gemini on the 25th is crazy good energy for your public image if you can use it before it scatters. This is the ideal time to set your intentions in regard to what you wish to contribute to the world in your career sphere. Mercury is your ruler too and I do advise keeping a low profile until mid May.

Libra/Rising:  We’ve talked about this before and we will again so here you are, boundaries! They are your friend! Of course people do not like it when you draw a line with them, because only people who have boundary issues will elicit the need for them, if you know what I mean. I am reminded of William Blake when he said A fool who persists in his folly will become wise. So I guess this will keep coming up for you until you perfect your response. The Scorpio Full Moon on the 10th brings some $ dramz to a conclusion, just take the money/money lesson and run. Be done with it. You’ll have the chance to put the lesson to good use with the New Moon in Gemini on the 25th. Busy as you will be, those lessons will start putting you in Guru Mode if you can practice integrating all of your resources, not just cherry picking the ones you like.

Scorpio/Rising:  Love and Money are big themes in May, make like Prince when he said “I can’t be played. A person trying to play me plays themselves.” In many ways, one of the ultimate Scorpio life challenges is how and when to lower their guard. Because Scorpio Vision leaves little to the imagination and you see exactly what people don’t want you to see and oftentimes even the shell game they don’t know they’re playing. Pass. With the Scorpio Full Moon of the 10th you are phosphorescent, and when the tide goes back out it takes a lot of your old ideas about yourself with it. Interestingly, the Gemini New Moon of the 25th helps cement this newly arisen from the flood version of yourself and brings a thread of real, blood red eroticism with it. Prepare yourself, or perhaps I should advise instead that they prepare themselves!

Sagittarius/Rising:  So much Saturn! I know! Repeat after me “maturity, responsibility, time management, maturity, responsibility, time management, maturity….”. Now repeat ad infinitum. The last time Saturn was in Sag was 1985-1988, so if you were born then you are part of the crowd experiencing your first Saturn Return, or if you were born ’56-’59 it’s your second Saturn Return. 1926-1929? Lucky you, it’s your 3rd go around. What a bad mofo you are becoming. It hurts I know, but growth can be challenging, and it’s all worth it in the end. The Scorpio Full Moon of the 10th can be prickly for some, stay out of their way as much as possible. You’ve gotten this far and cleaned up your act, pat yourself on the back. The New Moon in Gemini on the 25th is in your partnership sector, it may be time to juice it up and get deeper with a love interest or renegotiate with someone you have to partner with in some way. This will be so much better with your new revved up Saturn game, see, it’s already paying off!

Capricorn/Rising:  Capricorn is the stage on which much of the May sky plays out.  May 23rd is a Mars-Saturn-Chiron T Square. If Saturn is our inner adult, then Chiron is our inner child, and Mars is the trigger. What happens when they pair up? Healing hijinx. And let’s not forget the Saturn-Uranus conjunction, could there be more opposing energies? But perhaps this is just the dynamic duo needed to get it rolling. Things are getting real for the seagoat. The Scorpio Full Moon of the 10th can be the end of social duties that are no longer serving you and that you can no longer serve. You do know that being the support system for a past due, toxic is not your job, right? Just making sure! Venus direct on the 19th puts the hustle back in your bustle, that paired with the Gemini New Moon of 25th in your work/admin sector sees you feeling groovy again. But only if you’re able to heal some of the Chiron feelz you usually run from. Remember, to feel is to heal.

Aquarius/Rising:  Spoiler alert! You are a human being. I know right? No one saw that coming. It’s not that you aren’t emotional, a lot of times it’s just that you don’t A) Realize that feelings are what you’re experiencing or B) Stare at a feeling too long when you know that is what’s happening. And hey, I don’t judge. While feelings should be factored into every equation, they aren’t always the #1 correct priority in every situation. I get it. The Scorpio Full Moon of the 10th illuminates, maybe more than you want, a phase of your public life that has come to fruition. Whether it’s time to move on entirely needs to be examined more thoroughly. The creative boost you get from the Gemini New Moon of the 25th could be fuel for creative lift off and may help clarify career and romance questions. Don’t shy away from enlightenment, even if it means chucking the status quo, which honestly, has never been your jam anyway.

Pisces/Rising:  The Universe speaks to you in waves, at times you get lost in the space between them. You’ve been in Chiron School and the test is seeing if the same area heals up and scabs over. Repeatedly. While painful at the time, it has given you an advantadge over those of us without the same tough scarring. You have a phenomenal summer lining up ahead of you, keep that in mind as you go through some of the final exams life throws down just prior to your impending upgrade. The Scorpio Full Moon of the 10th is the culmination of this learning cycle and you will slowly gain forward momentum but you can’t get stuck in the feeling swamp or you’ll miss the views of your new terrain.  The Gemini New Moon of the 25th is energy you can harness for a fresh start in the psychological realm, you have an opportunity to begin acting more in line with your belief system. Get it!

Aries/Rising:  First, Mars in Gemini is going to up your flow so hard. Second, everyone will be in your way! Or rather, it’s gonna seem that way. But if you can just do a quick breathing exercise, totally supported by Mars in Gemini btw, you will avoid being ruled by your agitation and automatically intuit the best paths to emotional and physical freedom. The Scorpio Full Moon on the 10th shines a light on where you are tangled up in other people’s stuff, whether it be their resources, or how they affect your ability to regenerate yourself. So, what will it be? Stay or go? Recognize that this area is as developed as it will ever be with certain relationships, and that’s okay. But decide from that data point how to proceed and you’ll be deciding from a place of power. The New Moon in Gemini on the 25th is the perfect time to finally be able to say or communicate all the stuff that’s been driving you crazy! The good and the bad! Use a gentle technique with those who might be the emotional equivalent of velcro and you can’t go wrong and finally you’ll have it all out of your system.


*Amazing photo by artist Natalia Drepina



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