Now to the Brocken the witches hie,
The stubble is yellow, the corn is green;
Thither the gathering legions fly,
And sitting aloft is Sir Urian seen:
O’er stick and o’er stone they go whirling along,
Witches and he-goats, a motley throng.

The wind is hushed, the stars grow pale,
The pensive moon her light doth veil;
And whirling on, the magic choir
Sputters forth sparks of drizzling fire.
Goethe’s Faust, lines 3744-2749 & 3781-3784 (trans unknown)

Tomorrow, May 1st is Beltane and for many, tonight is Walpurgisnacht or the Other Beltane. Beltane is the first day of summer for many ancient pastorals, and we are waxing with fiery energy going toward the peak of summer with the Solstice of June.

Many modern day celebrants give something up for Beltane, a symbolic holler back to the literal sacrifices of the past. I gave up dormant FB friends. Cutting dead weight makes for a better lift off. What, if anything, will you sacrifice?

Strewing some yellow and orange flowers around a doorway, a bit of standing water and a candle can be wonderful stand-ins for the flower festivals, well magick and bon fires of the past. Why? These simple rituals remind us of our connection to Nature.

Blessed Be



Photo of Theda Bara with raven


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