Libra Full Moon

On Monday April 10th at 23:08 San Francisco time, the Moon is Full in Libra. Ahhh Libra, airy sign of the artist so well exemplified by Sun in Libra Oscar Wilde. “Those who go beneath the surface do so at their own peril” said Mr. Wilde and this was quickly apparent in searching for a portrait of the famous aesthete, not all were as charming. But the ones that were are the pinnacle of romance.

Libra is concerned with balance, harmony and justice as well as beauty, poetry and appearance. Full Moons bring endings and completion to wherever they touch in your chart. Head over to to take a look at which house Libra rules for you to see where this is all going down in your chart.

This is the perfect lunation to get in touch with your heart chakra, here’s a meditation to try out, you don’t have to sit for the whole thang if it’s too much. And if you don’t like this meditation, find one that you do enjoy. Even a minute is enough to get in touch with the “real” you.




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