The Retrogrades

Forget the naysayers, retrogrades are a necessary part of the astro cycle. Yes, they do offer a reminder to slow down and are best weathered with a slant toward inward focused energy but if you know that going in, you can skim the creamy best lessons of any planet, any retrograde.

Mercury, ruler of Gemini and for now Virgo, is the fleet footed lord of writing, process, communication, coordination, transportation…and some other stuff. Our retrograde begins on April 9th at 4° Taurus and goes back toward 24° Aries. If Mercury shadow periods are critical for you (March 27 thru May 19th), let’s talk, otherwise don’t trip. May 3 is peak retrograde as Mercury stations so prepare accordingly.

Traveling through Taurus, Mercury will have our minds on our $ and possessions, great smells and tastes as well as our sensuality. And yes, for some they’ll get stubborn af and clam up, this is after all Taurus. In Aries, we’ll be reflecting on our independence, warriorship and reviewing our originality, sexuality and general appropriateness with regard to our actions.

Make it easy on yourself, save your data, give yourself an extra thirty minutes for commutes and EXPECT delays. Ditto communication and travel, double check everything. Have some fun and pay attention to miscommunication, sometimes that has meaning too.

Noble Saturn began his retrograde in Sagittarius on April 6th at 27° and heads back through August 25th going forward again at 21° Sagittarius. All the themes associated with Saturn such as time management, maturity, responsibility and how well we’ve learned these lessons and applied them will be up for review. Sagittarian themes such as truth, learning, philosophy will be the main test questions. Are you ready? Of course you are! This is an excellent time to go over any areas that are still rough for you. Remember, if you already knew all this stuff, you wouldn’t need to experience this transit. So keep that pencil sharp and always remember to duck under the waves rolling in to avoid getting knocked down.


*Art is from a Japanese woodblock




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