April Horoscopes

Will April be the cruelest month or an endless shower of candied cherry blossoms? A little of both? Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury are all Retro during parts of April. Spring is here and you are ready for a fresh new approach. Reconnect with what you may have felt was lost to you, banish any thought that you don’t deserve the best and let’s head right into it.

Aries/Rising:  Is anything more challenging for you than not moving forward and having to take orders from other, less qualified peeps? Has the world gone crazy, or is everyone suddenly muggle? It’s time to meditate, you’re rarely grounded anyway so use this interval to savor the feeling of time slowing down as much as possible. The starting gun will go off again, gather your resources until then. The Full Moon in Libra on the 10th may indicate the ending of a partnership that is past its due date. Enough already! Use the New Moon in Taurus on the 26th to top up your $ and resources vibe, this is a particularly juicy energy for you and you won’t have to work very hard to reap benefits.

Taurus/Rising:  Having crossed the last item off your to-do list, you are now free to work on the Ultimate Project, yourself! You cranked up the machine, set the wheels in motion, contacted all the necessary experts/trainers/gurus now all that’s left is you. Real Talk:  Your ruler Venus is retro, Merc is going to ping backwards in your sign on the Full Moon in Libra on the 10th, it’s a lot for a cautious mover like yourself. But if you can avoid the lurking swamp creatures until the New Moon in Taurus on the 26th you will reap huge rewards in terms of recognizing that it has all been necessary to help turn you ULTRA Taurus. You’re about to get turnt, just hang in there.

Gemini/Rising:  The connection to your brain continues to indicate a faulty connection, or does it? Maybe this is part of a system upgrade and you haven’t come fully online yet. Old messages manage to get through intermittently, which adds to the confusion. The Libra Full Moon of the 10th helps usher your creativity into the world and out of your head.  It’s the least the cosmic forces could do as they’ve left you to stew while they, apparently, find deserving people parking spaces or whatever it is they’ve been doing! The Merc retro is part of the update and you’ll just have to let it do it’s work. Trust hunty! The New Moon in Taurus on the 26th is a chance to continue to practice honesty with yourself and others. This is not the time to manipulate people or situations, even when you are the one with the clearest vision and it seems like it would be the best course of action. Stay true.

Cancer/Rising:  You’re ready for some chill time, and in April you finally get a break. You’re still you, but a little calmer. April Foolz! Gotcha! Okay, I’m not one of those astrologers that’s gonna be all “calm ur tits Cancer” because honestly, you’re my little Emo! The Libra Full Moon on the 10th super fast Matrix alters you, it really is change or die, and for many this will be on the romantic front. The New Moon in Taurus isn’t super charged for you but I will say, keep your eye on your relationship equilibrium because the times they are a changing. Or, rather, you can see more with the lights on. Do you like what you see? Stay tuned.

Leo/Rising:  April is a big month for you, literally the entire Universe is about to tilt Big Leo. It’s critical that you find a center in yourself because this shift is gonna bring all manner of twit out of the woodwork. And also, all kinds of magical helpers. You must learn to discern. Libra’s Full Moon on the 10th is the end of an era, especially around your networking zone. It’s all to the good as you are Most Likely to Evolve in the next year, enjoy who you are becoming. The Taurus New Moon on the 26th pumps up your career vibe, you’re looking solid as fuq and the right people are taking note. Be on the look out for omens of every kind. If you think the cosmos is sending you personal messages and leaving you clues, you are correct.

Virgo/Rising:  Everyone is so annoying it’s driving you crazy! Spring is associated with liver qi and when improperly balanced, anger issues.  If you’re not dealing with your own rot, you’re likely going to be dealing with someone else’s. What to do? Can I tell you that things are going to change dramatically for you between now and next autumn and that none of these irritations will even matter or be remembered by then? Easy to say, right? But for realz, mark my words! I have a secret but if I told you now you wouldn’t believe me so you just have to take my word for it. The Libra Full Moon of the 10th sees the end of a less than stellar financial cycle. The New Moon in Taurus on the 26th begins the changes that you’ll harvest come fall but as always, you won’t recognize that except in hindsight.

Libra/Rising:  You kinda remind me of Sandy from Grease this April. Like, good girl gone bad, complete with big hair and pleather leggings. You started out so pristine with your white twin set and grey pencil skirt, pony tail so high and hopeful…but fuq that. You gotta have some guard up or you get steam rolled, you know this now. The Full Moon in your sign on the 10th puts the final nail in the coffin and you are feeling yourself. This mojo is excellent for the sexy peeps who have been waiting to get yo ass on the dance floor. The New Moon in Taurus on the 26th shines on this more authentic version of yourself. You will always be a bit of a sugar pop tart, so this bit of spice is more than enough to balance you out and help you be true to yourself, which is critical if you ever hope to be true to anyone else.

Scorpio/Rising:  Is there anyone you are not currently having a conflict with? Stuck in a power play rut with endless challengers is getting to be a Goundhog Day like scenario. I recently posted the book Toxic People on Weise Owl’s IG feed, and the author has such a great exercise in her book for listing the characteristics of our button pushers, I highly recommend it. The New Moon Taurus of the 26th refreshes your partnerships sector and this is fertile territory when we consider the Merc and Venus retro arcs. The Full Moon of the 10th ends a soul cycle that may have involved what has seemed like a deadening amount of sacrifice on your part. Remember, it’s only when all your old dreams have died that you have room for new ones.

Sagittarius/Rising:  In researching the meaning of Saturn retrograde in natal charts, I’ve found it adds gravitas to an already heavily karmic planet. Particularly in dealing with elders.  For those ripping off our vulnerable and long-lived, karma is a bitch. And she’ll get you. Maybe not here and now, but the arc of the universe is long, and it bends toward justice (Martin Luther King).  Freewheelin’ Sag loves the Truth and retro Saturn is gonna help us all review what Saturn has been layin’ down.  Libra’s Full Moon on the 10th may end some outmoded ways of group think you’ve unwittingly taken on. In addition, the Taurus New Moon on the 26th brings some insights to your daily admin routines and how you can fine tune them to be better aligned with those truths you now hold more clear and dear.

Capricorn/Rising:  You’re spooky like where the water is still but the music is building and I just know some moldy corpse or sea monster is going to jump out of the water and freak everyone out! April is all about transformation for sea goats, inner and outer. Don’t be afraid to take a break from the action if need be, sometimes that’s necessary to upping our personal potency. The Libra Full Moon of the 10th flicks the switch in your career sector, make sure you look brill by having all of your details taken care of in time to impress. The New Moon in Taurus on the 26th is a creative reboot, take the lessons of the Full Moon and translate them into fabulous next level visioning with this fresh rush of energy.

Aquarius/Rising:  Because you can’t and you won’t and you don’t stop…You’re the electric guitar of the zodiac in April. The New Moon in Taurus on the 26th gives the urge to purge in your home zone, and while we all deserve a new throw pillow don’t be too quick to get rid of everything. A little restraint will go a long way as this urge will get dialed way back once this lunation completes. Set your controls for spiritual growth come the Libra Full Moon of  the 10th, some lessons that have been simmering since last autumn finally bloom out and this gives a linear quality to what may have seemed to be disjointed experiences while they were happening. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Pisces/Rising:  Ever the sea secret, you can’t always be easily observed as what one most often sees is your movement rather than your fixed position in relation to everything else. Nevertheless, you got a little spiny in March and threw some perimeters up around your most sensitive parts. Congrats! Money that has been on hold through no fault of your own finally comes down the pike, if it’s coming, with the Libra Full Moon of the 10th. One way or another, the wait will be behind you, make the best of it and move on. The New Moon of the 26th is a tide of fresh ideas, choose your words carefully and avoid the vibe vampires, so many morsels are riding this wave in that the scavengers are gonna be right there too. You are ready!


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