Pluto Square Jupiter

Beginning last October, Jupiter and Pluto began squaring off. Three exact squares on 11/24/16, 3/30/17 and 8/4/17 are the peaks of this energy.

So today we are exact and this will have been felt in days leading up to and winding down from Thursday.

Astro Golden Child Jupiter and Oh My Goth Pluto seem an unlikely pair but they both share a love of movement and change. Neither give a fuq about classic anything or would be caught looking over their shoulders at even this morning.

Pluto cares only for transformation, letting go and launching into the next thing, moment, vibe. And Jupiter is all “yaaas, let’s crank it up!” Whatever is going down, Jupiter wants to amplify it.

Whether you are going to play this more Pluto or Jupiter depends on your own roll, and what you have going on in your chart. As always, look to the houses these transiting planets occupy to see where it’s happening for you.


Art by Laura Liedo


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