Virgo Full Moon

On Sunday, March 12th the Moon is Full in Virgo at 7:53 a.m. San Francisco time.

Full Moons signal a full bloom,  and the completion of a cycle began with the Virgo New Moon of late summer 2016. Look to the area of your chart ruled by Virgo to find out where this ripening is happening for you.

Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin. In ancient times virgin didn’t mean untouched, it meant free woman. We often hear about Virgo equaling service and that can sound like the opposite of exciting. Virgos can actually be quite exciting.

Low Virgo can bring out the antsy critic in us all, and you may be feeling that as the Moon waxes. Just give in to it, use your powers for good. Remember, Virgo is an earth element that thinks it’s air, so get in your body and fine tune that routine. Once you get down into Virgo mode, you’ll find she’s a crazy witch in the best way.

I think the ultimate Virgo goal is to tie up every last loose end, so she can be free to vibe with the universe sans distraction. Do yourself a solid and wear white, or light neutrals on Sunday morning, clean or fix something and get it together.

Photo is of Super Virgo Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series.


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