Venus Retro

Venus, the planet of love and $ is retrograde from March 4th through April 15th. She does this approximately every 18 mos and though the effects are not as immediate as say, a Mercury Retrograde, they do pack some punch.

If we think in terms of energy, a retrograde is a yin period, a time for inward focus and reflection. So, are we all gonna go broke financially and emotionally? No!

It cannot be stressed enough that to make the most of this blog, you gotta get your chart deets. You don’t have to book with me to do so (but you can!). Mosey over to and enter your info and presto, you know your house system as long as you know your birth time. And if you don’t know your birth time, we can usually figure it out–no one will mistake a Sag Rising for a Taurus Rising, there are clues! I recommend using the Whole House System setting when generating your chart.

This Venus Retro is happening in Aries-Pisces, what houses in your chart are ruled by Aries/Pisces? That’s where it’s going down. Typically Venus in Aries is hot blooded, lusty, impetuous. Venus in Pisces is fabulous creative energy and the ultimate arty vibe.

Quick rules of engagement: This is not the time for a new look. If you’re thinking of any beauty changes, review but don’t act just yet. Same for relationships, take stock but don’t get married or divorced on impulse. If your ex calls, would it kill you to wait until the Venus Retro ends before responding? In short, the past is a no-no unless you are enjoying vintage art and cinema.

Strong feelings are possible, that’s okay.  There are so many great YouTube meditation channels and free apps like Insight Timer that can help you learn to sit with yourself. Speaking of you, this is a wonderful opportunity to explore the edges of self (Aries) in relation (Venus) to others. Sometimes we reach for people or relationships to fix us, when a good heart meditation would last longer and help steady us up in order to find that Fate Person that could help jack up our growth and #woke factor. We’ve all been there, grabbed the M&M’s instead of the tofu smoothie simply because we were in too much of a rush and the candy was right in front of us…there are worse things.

Are you ready? Of course you are.


Black Venus from Aztec Graphics




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