March Horoscopes

These March horoscopes are a little bit fancy, with a hint of lemon and soaked in Sun drops, they go with everything and are the perfect accompaniment to your journey into the day or night. Let’s dive in!

Pisces/Rising:  Your March game is strong, you’re at a $ and energy high tide if you’ve been playing it right. The February New Moon gave you a much needed reset and the currents of change are swirling around you. You’re plugged in and focused. The Virgo Full Moon of the  12th can bring an end to unproductive partnerships, if it’s time to say goodbye, do your best queenly wave and keep rolling. Don’t try to hold on, look instead at what feeds you energetically vs what takes away from your resources. Use the the Aries New Moon on the 27th to update your financial tracker, yes, I know you have one.

Aries/Rising:  I’ve recently learned something new about you Risings and how you roll with your $ and possessions. Keeping a clean and organized space may not come naturally to you and that’s okay, use the Virgo Full Moon of the 12th to up your tidy game. I like that you appreciate the value of everything, that’s rare. See if you can’t apply some discernment in how you approach the material. The New Moon in your sign on the 27th is an excellent time to meditate on becoming more attuned to incoming information and letting some of the clutter burn out of your life be it excess emotion or a bunch of left over singleton socks. Venus retro in your sign is an optimal time to reassess everything you grow from $ to relationships, but this is only valuable if you stay present focused. Everything else is just in your head.

Taurus/Rising:  You made it and now you can finally sit a bit more comfortably in the saddle. Your energy is rising with warrior Mars in your sign and you are just full of sunshine and strawberries for a while after what we’ll refer to as your own personal winter. The Virgo Full Moon of the 12th brings a partnership to fruition, whether an ending or a blooming depends on how it’s played out since last summer. You are not one to let go but you must be ruthless about what is serving you! Your ruler Venus is Retro and events unfold at their own pace. The Aries New Moon in your soul sector on the 27th offers a chance to reacquaint yourself with an aspect of your being you may have lost touch with. What treasure have you hidden from yourself? Stop waiting and find out!

Gemini/Rising:  Word witch that you are, your circuits will have finally blown. Everything you hear in your head will have to stay there for a while as the pipeline to the outside world will have been temporarily severed. That would be Uranus bro fisting up to Mercury.  The Full Moon in Virgo on the 12th provides ample opportunity to complete some project on the home front while you figure out how to line up your inner and outer space. Don’t stress it all works out in the end and the Aries New Moon on the 27th sees you making new friends and vibing with your favorite social groups. Until then, bide your time and enjoy the movie, it’s sci-fi and it’s spectacular. If you like that sort of thing.

Cancer/Rising: Hey sea creature, March is gonna be pretty feel-y. That shouldn’t be a problem for you but try and remember not to over value emotionalism at the expense of discipline. Passion loses its meaning if it is used indiscriminately, no?  Neighbors and modes of communicating may change as the Full Moon in Virgo blows up your third house on the 12th. Change how you communicate that’s all there is to it, the litany of criticisms you have perfected serve no one. The New Moon in Aries on the 27th brings renewed vigor to your public image and career sector if that’s how you roll. Fate has her eye on you, so stay chill by avoiding unnecessarily strong feelz whether they be positive or challenging. Imma tough love ya’ here, treat intense emotions like you would dessert, small portions no more than once a day. Not forever but just for a little bit, you’ll thank me later!

Leo/Rising: $ issues come to a close this month, ending the dramz that began last summer. If it doesn’t go exactly the way you think it should, don’t trip, at least it’s done with the Virgo Full Moon on the 12th. You’re likely feeling emotional about the situation but for now, just let it pass. We’re all mad in March and it’s not your imagination, you’re in the Upside Down. You came here to get something, find out what it is. The Aries New Moon of the 27th gives you secret Future Vision and if you’re on your toes, you can use this future perfect glimpse of yourself to start building toward who you want to be now, today. Let no opportunity pass to amp it up, you are too close to fall down into mediocrity.

Virgo/Rising:  You’re kinda freaking people out with this back from the dead zone super efficiency schtick you’ve got going on. Remember, you don’t need to know all the answers. In fact, it’s kinda creepy when you do! The Full Moon in your sign on the 12th zaps you out of inertia and ends this chapter of robotic intensity, taking everyone and everything not designed to help you evolve with it. The Aries New Moon of the 27th modernizes your routines, which is critical since 6 mos ago is so ovah and what worked then will not work now. Retro Jupiter in your $ house can help your financial mojo but you have to resist the urge to fall into laziness or rest on your luck. Twerking hard for the money girl, #getit.

Libra/Rising:  Libra’s ruler Venus is Retro in your house of partnerships, hitting you hard. This is the perfect review of beauty and $ routines, as well as relationships. You have the urge to purge anyone or anything that is not bumping you up into the next evolutionary zone. The vision I have is of a snake shedding its skin. The Aries New Moon of the 27th joins Mercury in your House of Marriage making it the place to be for the show. Intriguingly, the Virgo Full Moon on the 12th in your soul sector helps put the old you on notice that it’s time to make a plan for healthier ways of doing service for yourself and others. A happy face on martydom is still a mask, you can do so much better! Everything is up for renewal so get to work.

Scorpio/Rising: Hey girl, if you’re having trouble deciding whether that imaginary relationship you’re in is helping or hindering you–maybe do a pro/con list. On the one hand, it’s helping you set an ideal and it’s helping you keep the fire stoked. On the other hand, it’s creepy af and honestly, pretty batshit. As with everything, degree is of utmost importance. The Virgo Full Moon on the 12th in your friend zone helps you cut loose some dead weight. First you cut the toxic peeps then the personality disorder crowd but now its almost like–is everyone crazy? What’s happening? The New Moon helps you perfect the desperately needed, clean burning health routines that are sending the blood straight to your heart. It’s an emo world and we’re just livin’ in it. Use your x ray vision to cut through all the crap and distractions, you’re really gonna need the energy. We’ll talk more but for now, trust.

Sagittarius/Rising: Structure, streamlining, time management, these are the new gods. Love them, honor them, find out what they want from you. Time Lord Saturn continues to occupy your sign, whispering secrets–what a pair you’ve turned out to be, no? The Virgo Full Moon on the 12th in your public image/career sector ends what no longer works. The Aries New Moon on the 27th brings the opportunity to put some hustle in the new direction you’ve been honing. Go metal or go home! The signs point to your burgeoning creative genius and Saturn has helped make you more of a serious contender and less of a blowhard dream addict.  The punch you pack has some meat in it, you are the dark horse of the zodiac.

Capricorn/Rising:  You continue to give off such a serious-as-fuq vibe, it’s not your imagination. You are polarizing people who find they are either with you or against you. The home front begins to calm down and you have a chance to do some revamping with the New Moon in Aries on the 27th. This lines up nicely with the end of a learning cycle you’ve gotten quite fussy about, it’s over now culminating with the Virgo Full Moon of the 12th. You can’t compare yourself to others because you can’t imagine how strong you are, it really is a case of not seeing the fine stuff you’re made of, there is literally no one in the zodiac quite like you. The Astrological New Year is gonna get you moving in ways you aren’t anticipating from that comfy chair you’re currently occupying. Cheers darling.

Aquarius/Rising:  There have been signs along the way. This is the time to take note of them, but keep moving. They are pointing toward another time. Keep a look out, you will see much but should say little. You’re the one to watch as you rev up for the changes that are coming. Take stock of what you think you believe in, is it really all true? Still?  The Full Moon in Virgo on the 12th brings an end to stagnant routines, what can you perfect now? The New Moon in Aries on the 27th brings a piping hot inspo stream of ideas to the fore. What will you do with them? Ever the starry eyed wild card, your Full Metal Detachment will be tested beyond your airy limits. Things slow down before a crash, keep your 3rd eye on everything that moves and prepare for a series of cut scenes which reveal everything which had been hidden from you. Then remember to breathe.


Ostara Goddess of Springtime decoupage by Mary Behrens, visit her Etsy shop BawdyHeart for deets.



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