New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 6:53 a.m. San Francisco time on February 26th. This Eclipse will not be visible in North America.

New Moons bring in fresh beginnings and an Eclipse juices that New Moon up to lush proportion. The Sun, Mercury, Moon, and Neptune are all part of this line up. Did that get your attention? It should have. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and we’re talking about a triple shot of Pisces power here. Mercury conjunct says think with your heart, not your head.

Pisces is the spiritual realm, it’s where we dream. Intuition, creativity, The Divine…all come calling through Pisces. Now we’ve all heard about the downside of Nepune’s rep. Do NOT play this vibe low by manifesting your inner victim, addict or toxic bitch. It would be such a waste of what could be an amazing reset.

A word about Power. Mars (Action) is about to hook up with Uranus (Rebellion) and Square Pluto (Transformation), if you feel like you’re being challenged, see if you can’t resist the impulse to lash out. Get the lay of the land, strategize before opening your mouth. Avoid becoming reactionary by centering yourself through cleansing your environment inside (meditation) and out (salt scrub, sage, yellow candle!). Then decide if you need to respond at all, or if you’d rather use this rush to upgrade your inner sea witch.

Photo of today’s birthday boy, Kurt Cobain from the video Heart Shaped Box. 



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