Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

On Friday February 10th at 4:33 p.m. San Francisco time, the Moon is Full in Leo at which time we will experience a total Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. As always, Eclipses come in pairs and this one’s twin is the Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse at the end of the month, stay tuned.

Refresher: Full Moons bring events to fruition, Eclipses pump up the energy of the Full Moon so it packs an extra burst of Eclipse-y goodness. Clients often worry that I am going to tell them about something terrible that’s going to happen, nothing could be further from the truth. Intuitive workers will just let you know whether you’re going to need sunscreen or an umbrella and help prepare for what’s ahead.

Lunar phases and Eclipses happen along an axis, in this case, the Aquarius-Leo axis. Divine Leo embodies personal, in-the-moment, dramatic, creative energy and power. I could go on as Leo has more adjectives to describe it than any other sign. Dear Aquarius comes from the future, is airy and impersonal and symbolizes a lack of concern about convention, instead valuing freedom. Their motivations are surprisingly similar though they represent opposite ends of the spectrum.

Take a look at your own chart to see where this axis is happening for you, I advise setting it to the whole house system.

First-Seventh House Axis:  Your independent identity and you in partnership are  spotlighted. New ways to express yourself through cooperation (7th house) and with courage (1st house) are emphasized. Are you who you want to be as an individual? As a couple? What needs to change? This is the ideal time to decide what the 2017 version of you is all about.

Second-Eighth House Axis:  Your $ and values (2nd house) and other people’s resources, sexuality, the occult (8th house) come into play here. What’s real, what lasts forever? We want what’s solid and lasting, but oftentimes the lesson is that transformation itself is the only constant. Where can you practice generosity and where do you need to stop giving it away for free? Take a look babe, it’s all there.

Third-Ninth House Axis:  Information overload! You love to gather the facts (3rd house) but what do they mean (9th house)? A period of study and the search for truth, your ability to communicate and live that truth are on the line. What can you teach, what do you need to be taught? Higher education, the influence of foreign cultures and the exchange of ideas and how to embody these themes in your life take center stage.

Fourth-Tenth House Axis:  This axis highlights the polarity of the public (10th) and private selves (4th). The world stage, fame, one’s calling- are all just some of the attributes of the 10th house. Our ancestors, our roots, where we come from earlier in our lives or just where we brushed our teeth this morning, how do we reconcile these two spheres? Surely we are entitled to our cozy private life and our glittering notoriety? Be true to you, watch that you’re not living out someone else’s dreams.

Fifth-Eleventh House Axis:  This can be a juicy one balancing the personal, creative and fun (5th) with your hopes, dreams and social groups (11th). How do these opposites support one another?  Do your current groups and creative goals still suit you? This is the perfect time to develop a passionate love affair with your inner vision and manifest it as your gift to the world. The Full Moon aids your labor, don’t be afraid to let go you are under no obligation to be who you were yesterday. Key indicators you’re in need of an upgrade? If you use codified words to describe yourself and your condition.

Sixth-Twelfth House Axis:  Your physical, daily routine around work/health/admin deets are illuminated against your soul sector’s need for meditation, consciousness and rest. The opportunity to revamp health or end a cycle presents itself. What will you choose to do as this chance to awaken unfolds? Taking care of yourself is always a step in the right direction. It’s important that you understand what those words mean, band aid approaches or temporary fixes? Nah, not anymore. Look for a way to be that is in your own best interest and that calms your fears in a more permanent, less illusory way.

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*Image from April 1913 issue of National Geographic



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