Jupiter Retrograde

Starting today, February 7th, Jupiter goes retrograde until June 9th. Uh huh. Now my experience is that the slower moving outer planets have much less immediate effects than personal planets (ala Mercury) in their Retro phases.  They are generational and so tend to affect groups of people born during a certain timeframe.

Are you off the hook? Not so fast. Hahaha, just kidding! Jupiter is a good dude and all will be well, for realsies! Take a look at your chart and note which house is ruled by Libra–Uncle Jupiter is currently staying right there at Aphrodite’s house.

Jupiter is associated with optimism, luck, expansion and the search for truth. Libra is tied up with relating, partnering, the arts and wealth {surprise!}. Jupiter loves good times and humor, Libra wants everyone to get along and for life to be more poetic. So be prepared to spend time looking over wealth, relationships of every kind {not just romantic}, and your ongoing search for truth and beauty. Anything out of balance will become magnified and will have to go. All for the greater good of course!

Fantastic image from Mystic Medusa’s astrology school.




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