February Horoscopes

February horoscopes come in like a much needed shower of metallic rose gold petals for the soul, soothing the dry, winter ravaged crags of your psyche. Hope springs eternal, so let’s not waste any time. Here we go!

Aquarius/Rising:  February sees you encountering all sorts of characters, enough so that you might have to reconsider your position as the Most Interesting Person you know. The Leo Full Moon Eclipse on Steroids on the 10th goes down in your relationship zone, giving you a chance to hit the reset button. Who stays, who goes? The floodlights are on and honey there is nowhere for the dust bunnies to hide. The New Moon in Aquarius Solar Eclipse on February 26th asks you to take stock of your assets, both in terms of $ and your values. There’s a difference and if you can focus on closing the gap, you’ll be a better person for it. You are the hurricane in February, everything starts and ends with you.

Pisces/Rising:  You finally start being able to get it together energy wise and your focus starts to sharpen up after what felt like a period of drifting. The Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 10th brings to light new ways of doing health routines as well as how to be your own best administrator and organizer. I know that sounds boring af but you know what’s more boring? Not knowing what time it is. Use your vim for better things and the payoff is amazing! The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 26th can help you effortlessly absorb some of the dazzling freshness coming your way and karma wise, you have certainly earned it. This is your moment in the Sun and we all salute you!

Aries/Rising:  Happy Valentines! Aries, you can get such a bum rap but I for one always admire your straight shootin’ ways. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 10th throws a party in your House of Love, whom will you invite? You often choose agreeable over challenging, does that ever get boring? We’re getting into astro fire season and you can trust your instincts now more than ever. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 26th happens deep in your soul sector, it’s time to change how you relate to service. The hard push for boundaries is sometimes compensating for a fear of losing the Self. I encourage you to sink into being more comfortable with everything about yourself, including your masks.

Taurus/Rising:  Your ability to sit in your body and focus on grounding is your saving grace during an exciting but bumpy transitional month. The Full Moon Leo Lunar Eclipse on the 10th is the perfect time to get rid of either your resentments around work and fuqed up relationships or change the actual work/relationships. You just cannot keep bleeding energy. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 26th is the perfect time to reconnect with your social support network. Sure they’re a pain in your beautiful arse at times, but don’t you always feel better when you’ve been hanging with your peeps? See if you can’t gracefully re-enter a scene you thought was behind, beneath or beyond you. A gift awaits.

Gemini/Rising:  The message will arrive but it turns out, it’s actually a gift. Complicating matters further, initially you will fail to recognize it as either. Once you get zinging forward, February becomes your jam IF you agree to let go of any relationships that no longer serve. You can apply the same rule to relationships as your closet, if it was a fad and it’s over 6 mos old, reconsider. The Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 10th starts the steamroll towards a massive communication overhaul and by the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 26th, you will be on a higher octave career/learning track than you have ever been on. It is key that you align yourself with the direction of the universe to reap the full glory of this unique configuration.

Cancer/Rising:  How can I exhort you to toughen up for the month ahead without alarming you and provoking you to retreat further into your shell? You’re the mood ring of the zodiac, and February brings tumultuous waters. First off, the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 10th brings to a close some $$$ dramz. Think back to last July/August, whatever started rolling then is done now. How it ends depends on how you’ve played it until now. When we get to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 26th, you will have been dramatically toughened by the naval chakra meditations or similar spiritual push-ups you started right after reading this. You will say No to Drama, whether it be yours or someone else’s. Your power lies in being an emotional weather vane just don’t get stuck in any one direction or you will miss out.

Leo/Rising:  The Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 10th offers you a moment where the lights are up and you see the faces of the audience. Do you like what you see? I’d like to put you on pause all month, as you examine the various stages you occupy and the audiences for whom you perform. It is critical you pull the camera back to gain the perspective you need, lest you suffer the slings and arrows of your patrons. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 26th begs you to clear the decks for revitalizing partnerships. If you can do that, you stand to find renewed energy and possibly even enlightenment in your day-to-day. What you have to ask yourself is, DO you want enlightenment? Meditate on every aspect of this word, look at the connotative and denotative meanings as well as the etymology of this word. It will give you something to do and keep you out of trouble while the multiverse warp speeds the fuq outta your whole current incarnation.

Virgo/Rising:  Needles and pins, endless waiting, claustrophobia. Where can a girl catch a break already?! There’s this astro theory that our ascendant is rly the mask we wear to cover up our 12th house, which in your case if you’re a V rising, is Leo.  The 12th house remains the most mysterious containing as it does open enemies, our undoing and oh…our soul sector. The Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on the 10th has got you all lit from within, it’s the perfect opportunity to steam clean your chakras. Later on, the New Moon in Aquarius on the 26th does a particularly critical reset in your daily routine and admin sector, you will be super prone to genius here if you can stay intuitive. This can be the beginning of picking up the plot line you lost last November, and the beginning of a less painful chapter. Leaner and cleaner,  you can move ahead

Libra/Rising:  Black velvet, dead roses, crushed incense…the past and the future vie for your affections. Venus retro says it’s best to slow your roll for now, don’t commit. Especially to anyone that carries a whiff of the past about them. Given a bit of time, we can just wait and see where all these cats land further on down the line. The Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on the 10th suggests your best vibe can be found on the social scene if you’re willing to make any necessary upgrades, just don’t settle for any nonsense and your whole aura will level up . The New Moon in Aquarius on the 26th ups your creativity by a factor of 10, add to this a potential suitor or new idea that glamours up your whole in love with life attitude and February sees you in the haute pink and doing a version of yourself pulled from so deep within that up until now it was only rumored to exist.

Scorpio/Rising:  They see you rollin, they hatin’…and you’re the only one for whom I must confess, it is NOT your imagination. Polarizing as ever even when trying to blend in, you creep around like an ocean liner in a bathtub. The only way to protect yourself is use that laser focus to up your $$$ vibe. Though you may not need prepper levels of back up plans, the reality is they will not let you get closer to the fire/sex/survival necessities the way say they would a Golden Retriever. You make people uncomfortable. You don’t like them but at the same time want their worship. It can’t happen, dig? The Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on the 10th is in your house of public image. Along the same axis on the 26th the New Moon in Aquarius is on your home front. How can you line up these two personas? Fortunately your creativity is at an all time high, helping you to fine tune your most authentic self and then an authentic cover self to help you navigate the World. Don’t let them catch you ridin’ dirty.

Sagittarius/Rising:  I was watching an enigmatic woman chit chat with her friend the other day. All of a sudden she says “Oh you’re a Sagittarius?! Me too!”  and the light bulb went on because she’s a regular at one of my coffee hangs and of course she’s a Sag! Duh! Blunt, always on her way to or from overseas, kinda crazy eyes that indicate she could be up for anything, a writer, a penchant for animal prints…I mean she may as well be walking around with a quiver of arrows on her back. Well! Hear me Sag, it’s Go Time! Life plans, life hacks, who you were meant to be, what you’re supposed to be doing…The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo is the start of the fire. You’ll look back and that will be THE moment.  The Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse of the 26th continues the lightening strike, in fact I could just do a post about you every day as you are a case study in utter enlightenment and morph factor 10. Lilith joins Saturn in Sag right after the Full Moon, we have a lot to talk about. Stay tuned!

Capricorn/Rising:  February is about reclaiming freedom. Especially for you Cap Moons, whose shadow have you been cast into? Are you rly meant to be someone’s handmaiden? Your skill as the boss of the zodiac is in high demand, but all the omens say you have to conserve your energy to get to where you need to be. The Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of the 10th can be about some delicious sexy times and sacred occult learning, take a look at any shared resources, make sure you’re not giving more than you’re getting. Sometimes it’s okay to be in that position but not you, not now. The New Moon Solar Eclipse of the 26th is a financial reboot, do what you need to do to vibe full Tycoon Soldier. Keep your enemies guessing, never ever give them what they are expecting. You have so many resources and just as once in a while they erratically give way, sometimes they can just as erratically throw up a diamond. #GETIT

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