Full Moon in Cancer

The Moon is Full in Cancer on Thursday, January 12th at 3:33 a.m. San Francisco time. Numerologists will have fun with the 3:33 time signature.

The Moon is at home in Cancer and all Cancerians cycle quickly through emotions as their ruler changes signs approximately every two days. Cancer themes include art, nurturing and emotion. “Not me, not me!” I hear you cry. Many Cancers claim the “mothering” tag doesn’t describe them. But look again, I bet you have a pampered animal companion or significant other. Own it!

Dead or Alive, call your mother when the Moon is in Cancer. One of my favorite astrologers used to say this during every month’s Cancer Moon. And she was right.

Feelings and acting on feelings will be the theme for this lunation.  Serious love/hate contacts with authority  come into play with Pluto opposing the Moon.

And yes, Uranus!  I have a special fascination with Uranus/Moon contacts and this Full Moon does not disappoint. Uranus (rebellion, sudden change) opposes Jupiter (fun, expansion) making for a potentially explosive internal if not external state. Uranus squares the Cancer Full Moon and intense, erratic emotions rule.

If you’re in a part of the world where this will be happening during daylight hours, look for sudden flashes of insight but also, do not get involved in anyone else’s drama. Not everyone is going to handle this energy well. If someone is on the cusp of cray, expect them to move in full time. Uranus shocks, so you won’t see it coming.

As always, look to your own chart to see where this Cancer Full Moon and Grand Cross (Sun oppposition) is playing out for you and for extra credit, look for any other planets or asteroids (if you factor the asteroid goddesses you’ll see a double Grand Cross) you may have in the mix.

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