Venus in Pisces

Venus entered Pisces on January 3rd and will stay through February 3rd. We all love Venus, right? Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning she came to have a good time. Doesn’t she always?

It is always prudent to remember the Goddess of Love isn’t all rainbows and light, remember her fave bf is bloody Aries. Girl likes her steak RAW.

Still, this is a soft, lovely transit for any artistic endeavor and increases all intuitive feelings. Creativity, beauty, anything glamorous is enhanced. Venus makes things grow, look to the house this is happening in for you because you’ve got Springtime happening there.

Venus forsakes modern love and goes retro on March 4th in Aries and then stations direct again on April 14th in Pisces. We’ll cover this important time in a separate post, for now keep in mind that A) Venus goes retrograde approximate every 2.5 years B) This is a looong ass time to be hovering in the same zone and C) Venus Direct is a phenomenal time to fall in deep love or get special ooomph on any Venusian projects.

Queen of Shades, Libitina, Fairy Queen whatever you call her, the birth and death giver has arrived.

Artwork by Qinni check her out on DiviantArt.


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