2017 Preview

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope it is a warm one spent with people you enjoy. And if not, don’t worry–it’s an arbitrary date. For many people, the actual New Year begins with the Spring Equinox. So, you’ll get another chance.

What are the trends for 2017? Let’s consult the Tarot for a Clarity Spread!

Dominant Card: We have drawn the Nine of Swords. The message here is that we may be drawn to worry and anguish, the way through this is to face issues squarely. There is never any reason to despair, look to what gives you hope. Hope is your weapon! I’m pretty sure I heard that in Rogue One.

Factor 1: The Six of Pentacles says we will find helpers and that cultivating the correct attitude will contribute to a much needed harvest down the road.

Factor 2: The Knight of Cups carries a quiet storm inside. Inspiration and passion for life, our reason for being here, are often expressed through the arts. Art has survived many an empty purse or mad king, and looking to the timeless messages of artists speaking to us in the now or across time can be just the right medicine to get your head on straight!

Factor 3: There is A Light That Never Goes Out and the Three of Wands is all about digging down into yourself to find it. It’s there, no matter what. Your job is to look for it and if you can’t find it, keep looking.

It sounds like 2017 offers a lot of opportunity for growth and looking at solutions from the inside out. Rely on your inner compass. You are One with the Force, the Force IS with you.

If you want to get started now, go ahead and take a listen to one of my favorite books: The Dhammapada .

Photo is:  Father Time Blessings by Pamela Phelps


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