Capricorn New Moon

The Moon is New in Capricorn at 10:53 pm San Francisco time on December 28th. That’s in a few hours!

I want to give you good news…but many of us are heavy hearted despite the beginning of the new season and the Yuletide. So if you’re feeling down, hey, that’s ok. And if you’re just zippin’ on through, carry on! I will not be the one to harsh your buzz. That helps no one.

What’s the New Moon in Capricorn gonna bring?! Capricorn, pictured with this post as Kronos, deals with time management, maturity, responsibility. Not the most festive themes to be sure. But I will tell you this, Saturn, Cap’s ruler, wants to help you, wants to make your life better and more meaningful.

Look to the house in your chart ruled by Capricorn, this is where you can expect a fresh wind in your sail. This lunation is conjunct the Mercury Retrograde, I’ve seen different interpretations of this aspect but I tend to go with the idea that our responsiveness and ability to embody mentorship will be called upon in some way.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite things anyone ever said to me by a wise and spirited Crone “When you really look at it, no one actually has their sh!t together.” Nobody has tamed anything and nothing is under control. Sit with that for a moment before the next wave of activity hits.

Art by Vania Zouravliov



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