Mars in Pisces

Mars is currently zero degrees Pisces. What can we expect when the hot blooded warrior enters the mists of Pisces? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Mars in the Water signs. Remember Mars in Scorpio most of this year until September? And I have a lovely client that is always trying to make the best use of their Cancer Mars, which on the surface is not the easiest combination but ends up yielding some wonderful gifts when utilized appropriately.

From December 19, 2016 through January 28, 2017, we’ll all be feeling the movement of our chart’s engine, aka Mars, in clairvoyant Pisces. How’s it gonna play out? The urge to escape can be amped, so keep it high side as in do art and meditation instead of xanax and wine. All the good and challenging aspects of Pisces will be revved up and Mars will slow down and cool off a bit.

Pisces diffuses rather than focuses, dreams rather than plans, and is psychic as fuq. Mars can’t quite get a grip here, particularly on New Year’s Day as Neptune and warrior Mars slide right into each other. Strong feelings rather than strong logic will rule this stretch and it’s best to use this time for spiritual, creative and dream work and treat it as the acid trip that it is rather than assume you have full possession of your faculties at all times. Remember, this is all going down during a time trippin’ Merc Retro so, the fog is heavy and our outer vision is limited.

When in doubt, try not to take anything too seriously during this time. Everyone has already drunk the kool-aid, time to jump in.


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