Mercury Retrograde

“What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.”  Saint Augustine


Mercury Retrograde Key Dates: December 1st, Mercury enters shadow period at 28 degrees Sagittarius. December 19th, Mercury stations direct at 15 degrees Capricorn. January 8th, Mercury stations direct at 28 degrees Sagittarius. January 27th, Mercury shadow period ends at 15 degrees Capricorn.

What You Need To Know: Those with sensitive points at 28 and 15 degrees respectively will be activated. Look at your chart, do you have any planets in any sign within a few degrees of those numbers? Those areas of your chart will be triggered. Also look at what houses in your chart are ruled by Capricorn and Sagittarius, duh!

Stations Direct in technical terms means “things are getting heavy”. Prepare for Peak Retro! We can’t always afford to take time out from major purchases, travel, communication and signing contracts during Mercury Retrogrades, just do your best and don’t freak out. Read, review, rewrite, go slow–and try to avoid the former at least on station direct days because otherwise a lot of times we end up having to do things over.

Pluto and Mercury are conjunct {sitting next to and influencing each other} during the Capricorn phase and power struggles, analysis are favored. Dig deep to get to the bottom of it all and observe the power flow. I cannot stress this enough and we’ll have plenty of chances to review the concepts of both in coming weeks.

Mercury and Saturn conjunct during the Sagittarius part of the retro will give you a chance to review how you think about time and maturity. Remember, you don’t always have to believe the movies in your head, there can be a tendency toward buzz-kill thinking here. It doesn’t mean there aren’t things to address but if you find yourself believing it’s all bad all the time–check yourself.

*Photo first appeared in Portland Press Herald


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