Full Moon in Gemini

Is it just me or is like, EVERY MOON IS A SUPER MOON zomg! So yeah, this one is too! The Moon is Full in Gemini on Tuesday, November 13th at 4:06 p.m. Los Angeles time.

Writing, learning, communication and short trips are emphasized with Gemini. Did I mention writing? Chances are your favorite lyricist or witty scribe has got some serious twin energy happening. This Full Moon is sextile Jupiter {publishing}, upping the writerly vibe as well as amping the imagination factor way up.

Uranus is also a playah, sextiling {stop!} our Gemini Full Moon and bringing an element of shock and rebellion to our words. I think too, Jupiter energy is pretty blunt. So, conformists {does anyone actually think they’re a conformist??} take note:  This is how it’s done.

Finally, as one of my fave astro babes Mystic Medusa always says “Never take your eyes off Saturn” And lo, Saturn opposes this lunation, trying to keep a lid on it but also lending a seriousness to the importance of our feelings.

Keep it light, keep it moving, don’t try to focus too long on any one thing, Gemini energy needs variety. And charm! As always, take a look at where this is happening in your chart so you can make the best use use of this cyclical peak.

*Photo credit: The delicious Sarah Paulson from American Horror Story in her role as the Tattler Twins.

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