Card of The Day

Today’s draw is the Judgement card. This is such a perfect card for Sagittarius season! The mental image I always get from Judgement is awakening. The beauty of the tarot is that there is no right or wrong. In addition to the collective symbolism, we each have our own unique symbolic system–and even that can change depending on mood, day and other cards in a given reading.

In other words, play it like you feel it.

Awakening is about the search for truth, which is what Sagittarius is all about. How do we see through ourselves and our thinking and our thinking about our thinking to, dare I say, the Ultimate Reality? 

Is such a thing even possible?

How about if starting now, we give ourselves and those around us a break? After all, we’re each caught up in our various personal and shared delusions and storylines which inevitably end in a giant question mark. Not so easy, is it?

Can you, just for this moment, let go and forgive yourself and others in order to experience a tiny bit more freedom?


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