The Sky Right Now

The Sun has wheeled into Sagittarius casting a new vibe on the season and Neptune went direct in Pisces. On the 24th, Venus will be joining the Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus T Square.

Let’s review:  Expanding Jupiter is blowing up over in Libra, land of relationships and relating. Pluto is continuing to transform every existing power structure in Capricorn, backbone of the zodiac. Wild child Uranus continues to taser us awake from full steam ahead Aries. Now we’ve got Venus in Cap, about to snuggle Dark Lord Pluto himself and the beat is about to drop.

A word about Venus, I know we all think of her as a lazy day,  voluptuous  ne’er do well who can make an apple tree blossom with her glittery gaze or slay any stud at 50 paces. But, girl can be dark. I think there is a tendency to forget Dark Venus among modern astrology fans. Remember, one of her favorite pasttimes in watching her consorts war it up. Her main man is no less than the God of War, Aries. This witch likes a little blood sport, you dig?  So Pluto-Venus action is pretty natch. It’s an interesting aspect in a natal chart, call me if that’s what you’re packin’.

Sudden change personally and on the world stage, I think we’ve all seen plenty of that lately. Uranus isn’t one for a lot of planning and forethought. Jupiter pumps more energy into what was a waning aspect.

If change we must, and we must, change for the better. Trade up! The Revolution is afoot, don’t be crushed. Get spiritualized, in the end, that may be the only real power we have access to.

*Fantastic illustration by Dave Van Patten


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