Mars-Pluto in Capricorn

Ooooooooh, can you feel it?  Warrior Mars just joined Underworld Pluto in Earth Scion Capricorn. Puh-lease take a look at where this is happening in your chart

There’s so much going on here, Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, in days of old, Mars ruled Scorp. Mars now rules only Aries (and that’s enough, don’t you think?!).

Mars in an Earth element is relentless. Transformation (Pluto) of existing structures as has been playing out since 2008 in Capricorn now gets a phenomenal boost with the fire of Aries. Remember, Mars is the engine of your chart, wherever you see it is where the action is taking place. What house is this happening in for you?

All that Martian mojo just lit a match and it is intense.  It’s normal to feel diabolical rage, particularly around issues you thought you’d already resolved.  Because this stuff is coming from the crashing depths!

How to use it:  Revamp whatever area this is activating in your chart. Think before you speak or make plans to carry out any vendettas! The urge to strike out or get revenge is strong, especially if you’re already on the Martian/Plutonian spectrum. Focus on transforming yourself and when you just have to get physical, move your body. Mars loves physicality of all kinds, not just the knock-down variety.

*Art by Matei Apostolescu


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