Full Moon in Aries

October 15th at 9:23 p.m. Los Angeles time we have a Full Moon in Aries. As I always say, this is the most volatile Moon of the year. Here’s all the deets.

First off, we’ve got a Uranus conjunction to this lunation. Rebel Uranus is all about letting the freak flag fly, and being a special snowflake. There is so much to say about the Moon conjunct Uranus–it can be the perfect Moon to Just End It. It’s a highly emotional time, feelings out of control, flickering in and out. Fine one moment and crazy the next. But hey, dance to the music they’re playin’, right?

We’ve also got Pluto square this Full Moon. Your dark side is calling. If you’re reading this, then I am assuming you are part of that tribe that has healed or is healing all that underworld stuff. So use that to help someone who hasn’t. Moon square Pluto is one of the most powerful aspects we can vibe to, forget all that rainbows and puppies crap: We’re talking pure Unicorn Blood here.

Mercury opposite the Moon asks us to consider how we verbalize emotion, how we think about the way we feel and what to do about it. Practice tolerance as much as possible,  it’s a night for fighting words.

This is a generous Aries Full Moon with fantastic opportunities to amp up your independence, originality and meet your shadow. IF you go gently into the night, just this once.


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