Pluto People

Chances are you have a Pluto person lurking at the edges of your life. Or maybe you’re the Pluto person. As we head into Halloween, we’re surrounded by rich underworld symbolism in the form of skeletons, witches, graveyard decorations and the like.

These are all outward manifestations of Pluto energy, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. So, what is Pluto? Is he all bad? First off, we all have Pluto in our chart somewhere. Yes, some people are Plutonians and they are the Pluto people! Scorpio risings, Moon aspects to Pluto, Pluto in the first house, Sun aspects to Pluto and Scorpio Sun/Moon people will read “Pluto” to one degree or another. These are just a few Pluto peeps combos, and some will vibe more Plutonian than others.

Plutonians can appear mysterious and dark, sometimes secretive as well. True Pluto people are interested in truth. That’s usually Sagittarius’ bag but with Plutionians it’s less about the search for the Truth than being able to penetrate the truth of any situation. They have x ray vision and know what the bottom line is even when on the surface the conversation appears to be about something else entirely.

Despite their sexy reputation, Plutonians often feel sex is a sacrament rather than say, a sport. They long for the Vulcan Mind Meld of experience. Powerful or very aware of the nature of power in every situation, these underworld cats are rarely interested in showy displays, they wait for their moment to strike in order to tip the scales back in their favor. Plutonians are the outliers, the loners, the ones who don’t fit in and don’t want to. Pluto seeks to transform and if we pay attention, we see the hallmarks of the season are full of symbols dedicated to the ultimate transformation: Day to night, life to death.

Are you a Plutionian? Know anyone who is? Discuss!


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