October Horoscopes

Whether your starting your coven, re-doing your hair or just eating cookies, the living is always easier in October. Land of the Libra which then fades to black Scorp Season, it’s a time of Pumpkins and Sunflowers! General horoscopes are no substitute for a professional reading, but sure are a lot of fun. For best results, take a look at your sun/moon/rising signs. Enjoy!

Libra/Rising:  You can’t help it if you’re lucky babe. Haters gonna hate, ignore them. Pay special attention to saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Things might be easing up at work but it wouldn’t kill you to get your organization on–you continue to struggle with deets but Mercury in your sign beginning the 7th ups the creativity factor. Mars square your first house promotes more action, less dithering! Embrace. This is your time to shine and don’t let anyone get in the way. The Full Moon on the 16th shines up  your house of partnership, just the way you like it. And if it’s not, watcha gonna do about THAT?!

Scorpio/Rising:  Venus in your house of $ on Oct 18th has all the hallmarks of a financial high-tide. Is it time to take a Lovah? Or reconnect with the one you have? Venus in Sag won’t settle for less than the truth of the matter. The Full Moon in Aries highlights your health and admin center, pay attention to details at your day job and avoid getting tangled in other people’s anger vortex. Later in the month we’ll be talking about the Sun and New Moon in Scorps. By the way, I know about that secret allegiance you have and I’m okay with it. Just don’t let it get in the way of opportunity on the material plane, where you live NOW.

Sagittarius/Rising:  How nice is it that Venus is coming to visit?!  We can’t be all Saturn all the time now can we? She’ll be pulling into Sag October 18th with her strobe on, what a lovely time after all the nose to the grindstone. You’ve come into your own as a bit of a powerbroker, but I really feel October is more about your relationship with self and less about you on the scene at work and at home. You’re not the picture of the introvert but that’s your best vibe for October. The Full Moon in Aries is in your personal fun house as well as your element of fire, don’t settle for less than the big bang, it’s the only thing that holds your attention.

Capricorn/Rising:  Ding it’s the second round….Pluto is direct in October, the onward march of the Seagoat in the Underworld continues. The structures of your life continue to transform whether Pluto is on your Sun or in your first house. Change or die, it’s that simple. We’re entering an airy season, and you won’t feel as up to center stage but that’s okay. Sometimes power drivers need privacy. Your best expenditure of energy for this upcoming period is Career, you’ll find it’s naturally on the top of your daily priorities. You’ll say all the right things to all the right people, which is perfect timing for you right now. Your soul sector gets a little boost from Venus, and just in time as the Full Moon spotlights your domestic situation and you need some s-p-a-c-e.

Aquarius/Rising: Will a friend turn lover in October? At the very least, October is meant to be spent with your peeps whatever the degree of love. The Aries Full Moon helps you tell-it-like-it-is or in your case, how it is in another dimension/future time. That’s okay, we expect nothing less. Later in the month, the Sun and Mercury in your Career and Public Image sector boost your genius quotient, and for once it kinda lines up in a way others can comprehend. A New Moon in Scorp at the end of the month further enhances your ability to transform your image as a visionary, start thinking about the goals you want to meet during this fabulous reset.

Pisces/Rising: You are always on your mind, but what are the inner resources you have to draw on? Those internal assets that you can count on as well as the material, are going to come into play in October. Venus brings needed charm to your public image, and your sensitive rep gets an upgrade with “fun guy/gal” tagged on the end. How cool is that? It’s an unusual combo, but then you’re an unusual cat. That Libra energy then goes into your water element of Scorpio and a puts spring in your step (or a swish in your tail as it were), and helps transform your seriousness into a more playful tune for a while. You keep surprising them Pisces!

Aries/Rising: October is a great month for you, there, I said it. A general astro column is tricky because we can’t include specific, personal aspects. That being said, you really can’t mess this up. The month starts off with a New Moon in your house of looove, and with Jupiter hanging out, whether you’re single or paired things are looking good. The Full Moon in your sign is always the most intense time of the year for you and everyone else. Do your best to pace yourself throughout the month as you’re more in demand that usual and honestly, the main danger is burn out. You are the boss of October.

Taurus/Rising: Gritty realism is your current genre. Saturn in your Soul Sector has been urging you to get real.  You’ve evolved at warp speed since last winter, frankly, you surprised me. But now change is at your more Taurean pace and that’s okay, don’t be hard on yourself. Work may finally be starting to become more fair and balanced and the Scorp New Moon we end with certainly helps your partnership causes. The Aries Full Moon highlights the way you wield power, are you as alpha as you could be? See if you can find ways to trust your often unique way of approaching the world. Venus enters Sag on Oct 18th and this can boost your “real deal” approach to romantic relationships. Did you just say that? might pop up a few times.

Gemini/Rising: Saturn continues to demand that if a relationship isn’t serving you (or you it) it’s gotta go! Hard but like everywhere Saturn moves through–you will end up so crashing bad ass here. Better to be alone with some discernment than to be part of the relationship catwalk. And what better way to ride this high side vibe than with Jupiter in your House of Fun? The Full Moon shines a light on your social contracts, this is a place where you need to be unfettered and free so you can share your gifts of courage and OG individualism. If you feel like anyone is trying to clip your wings, this is the time to ditch that vamp.

Cancer/Rising: Pluto’s forward motion at the end of September let the dogs out in your house of Committed Partnership. Transformation isn’t always easy, it means letting go of what we thought we wanted and becoming more who we were meant to be. What often happens is that once this transformation is complete, we’re pretty bad ass and feel zero regrets over what we had to let go of in order to get to our better selves. Power in all its forms is playing out in your partnerships, develop the skill to wield it. The Full Moon in your public sector bodes well for any career ventures, but absolutely avoid anyone or anything volatile through the end of the month. The New Moon in Scorp on the 30th in your House of Love brings a much needed reset, try not to get stuck in what’s old. It can be a juicy, creative month for you if you keep looking forward.

Leo/Rising: The Moon is full in your fellow fire sign Aries on the 16th, and with Venus in Sag on the 18th, boom, someone brought matches! October is bubbling over with the kind of action you thrive in. Full Moon in Aries brings a learning cycle to fruition, practice humility even while you know all the secrets you glamour imp! New Moon in Scorp puts the emphasis on the home front, make sure you have the perfect golden lair from which to recharge and escape other people’s vanity. The Sun in Scorpio later in the month says it’s time to retreat into family and a more emotional, nurturing milieu after all your conquering, it’s time for a recharge.

Virgo/Rising: Mercury heads out of Virgo and into Libra on the 8th, relieving you of the sometimes Terrible Clarity of knowing too much combined with acute awareness of the limits of action. The Full Moon in Aries brings sudden illumination, think The Tower level of sudden enlightenment. Money and food, food and money, the two go together. When you hold on to0 tightly to either you become stagnant. Let go of theold, Pluto is cleaning up your old ideas about fun and romance while Saturn continues to apply pressure to Neptune in your house of Partnership. Someone or something needs to Go bb! You can do it! Keep everything high side and squeaky clean, just how you like it!

*Photo from The Bone Witch Tumblr


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