New Moon in Libra

The Moon is New in Libra on September 30th at 17:11 PST.  And yes, it is the second New Moon of September, aka a “Black Moon”-the first was part of the Solar Eclipse on Sept 1.

Lovely Libra is the sign of the Artist. New Moons are more instinctual than other lunar phases and that can be great if you’re on the high side or more iffy if you’re operating from base level. This Libra New Moon is the perfect time to embrace new ideas about relating, justice and anything creative. Don’t forget we have Jupiter bouncing along in Libra and this will enhance the harmonious vibe since he’ll be about 4 degrees in at the time of the New Moon.

How are you manifesting balance between your mind and body? Where can you bring harmony to your relationships? The higher ideals of civilization are embodied in refined Libra, who is only interested in self as defined by other.

Take a look at the polarities in your life, how do they measure up? This New Moon is the perfect time to plant the seed which brings you out of your shell.



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