Pisces Full Moon Eclipse

On Friday, September 16th we will experience a Full Lunar Eclipse in Pisces at 12:05 PM Pacific Standard Time.

San Francisco:  Sept 16th 12:05

London: Sept 16th 20:05

Hong Kong: Sept 17th 3:05

The Players: We have the Moon, Neptune and South Node opposing (in conversation!) the Sun, North Node and Merc Rx in Virgo. Everyone squares Mars.

Nothing is more psychic than Pisces energy, expect to dream about alternate existences as well as past lives. The visions you experience may not even be yours as Pisces loves to dissolve everything it touches and the vast underground pool of the collective psyche will be easily accessed by all.

Now a word about Mars. You can do this high side and go all spiritual warrior. Or you can find someone or a situation that will manifest your anger for you. Those of you prone to escapism, this is a common moon to OD under. And with the Mars aspect it may be sexual escapism you need to deal with.

Given the history of the events around the previous weeks of exact Nepune/Saturn squares (see my last post),  particularly around the Full Moon, we may see the war gods once again on the  prowl in one form or another.

It is the Virgo-Pisces axis where the whole show is going down. Take a look at your chart to see what houses and areas are highlighted for YOU.

It’s a magical time! Click the highlighted link for some great meditation inspo!


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