Saturn/Neptune Square

In astrology, a square is a difficult angle, it is a source of tension rather than a flowing aspect. That is absolutely not a bad thing, when things flow a lot of us tend to do nothing, achieve nothing…

Saturn/Neptune were exactly squared November 26th, 2015 and again June 17th, 2016. They will be exact again on September 10th, 2016. Look back at the news cycle for those first exact square dates to get an idea of the vibe these two create as they get ready to square up exactly (as opposed to being within a few degrees of one another). Throughout 2016 Saturn-Neptune have been putting pressure on each other, with the dates mentioned being exact squares.

This is a perfect opportunity to put structure (Saturn) to your dreams (Neptune) or to get new dreams that you can focus on actualizing.

Saturn is currently in Sagittarius and Neptune is in Pisces, take a look at your chart to see where this is happening for you internally.

Themes for everyone include foreign cultures, spirituality, fantasy, philosophy, higher education and travel. Take care, as sometimes those around us have a hard time embodying the intense energy of exact squares and this can lead to explosive outbursts. Stay out of other people’s drama wherever possible.

This juicy opportunity to crystallize our vision for ourselves loses intensity but keeps hanging around through November, how can that crazy dream you have get out of the ether and into the material world? Think people, think!


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