Jupiter in Libra

We’ve been hearing a lot about Jupiter in Libra lately, so what’s the deal?! Jupiter has spent the last year in Virgo, the sign of Sacred Service. For example, with some peeps the health vibe increased, for others, the hypochondria super-sized. For most of us, it was a mixed bag. Jupiter is the Great Magnifier, so while this is one lucky cat whatever house he’s bounced into is gonna blow up–mostly to the  good but problems can be exacerbated.

Libra is the Air manifestation of lovely Venus. Libra is the artist. Libra is also the lush of the zodiac, hahahah, it’s true. Reality and rose colored glasses don’t always pair well and I’ve found particular Libra placements (sorry Pisces!) to be the most prone to softening it all with a bit too much wine.

Love notes, the Arts, Poetry, Culture, Civilization, Justice, Relationships, Equilibrium–these are the domain of our wonderful Libra. Now we add Uncle Jupiter into the mix beginning September 9th. Venus herself will be in her own sign through the 23rd of September making Libra THE place to be.

This is the perfect time to grow your relationships,  your sense of fairness and your relationship with any artistic endeavor whether you be the artist or the patron thereof. This sweet, sweet transit goes through October 10th, 2017 so sit back, grab yourself a bon bon  and enjoy the ride!

If you want to know how this transit will affect you personally, give me a holler at weiseowl.astrology.tarot@gmail.com and though less precise, you can head over to astro.com and generate a chart looking at which house this will be happening in for you. Bonus points if you can factor in any aspects to Jupiter during this time.

People born with natal Jupiter in Libra include: Alan Rickman, Mother Theresa, Brigitte Bardot and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Not a bad crowd to be vibing with!

*Photo art by Sogrecorpus


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