September Horoscopes

September shimmers with possibilities, change is afoot and there is no shortage of fairy dust. We’re all about to go down the mutable rabbit hole as the universe reveals here and there, the spirit animating matter as well as the holographic nature of it all. Forget who am I as it pales in comparison to the more pertinent wtf am I?! And down we go!

Virgo/Rising: You’re a Dark Horse, so often behind the scenes. A minor character whom we unexpectedly discover the entire narrative actually hangs. Great Jupiter leaves Virgo on the 10th after a year of partying it up on your dime. It’s been wonderful but a bit trying, some of you felt more anxious and ocd than usual and will welcome this change. The Solar Eclipse in Virgo on Sept 1 is a reset, and a challenging one at that. A Saturn-Neptune T Square up the fear factor with The Virgin squarely in the crosshairs. This is an opportunity for growth but the challenge is figuring out what’s real and what isn’t. With Merc Retro in your sign, that’s easier said than done. Just remember, Fear is not your God and even if everyone else is worshipping, you don’t have to.

Libra/Rising: You’re a lucky Libra, you’ll skate through much of what challenges the rest of us in September. Jupiter moves into your sign on the 10th, this is such a great vibe for relationships. It’s gonna hang out there until October 10, 2017 making you the most favored child. Jupiter is often where we find our “luck” in a chart and is considered the great benefactor. Just one thing, this big magnifier will increase your sweet tooth and in some cases, your indecisiveness. It’s always something, amarite? But there is no way to mess this up, so just enjoy! Venus will also dip into Libra through the 24th and for you Risings, you will be even more irresistible than usual. Venus in the first house is by far considered the best beauty influence out there. And for the straight Libras out there, it won’t be too shabby for you either.

Scorpio/Rising: Second house Saturn keeps harshing your 5th house Neptune as it tries to bring you more in line with maturity and the kind of dreams that go well with reality. I was in line at a museum cafe the other day with a friend who wanted dessert. How surprised was I to see oatmeal on display as a food choice for the midday crowds? This is a coffee and cookie situation, surely? Yeah, so in this movie, Saturn is the oatmeal. Not horrible, but not your favorite either and certainly not a treat. But how smug will you feel making that choice? Lilith in Scorpio continues to stand her ground and expects you to do the same. You’ll be feeling dark and sexy late in the month, remember, secret things are always the best. Your modern ruler, Pluto, goes direct in Capricorn on the 26th. He does this all the time btw, we might begin to see all those internal changes we’ve made start to manifest externally now. Surprise everyone you know as you transform seemingly overnight!

Sagittarius/Rising:  Mars is heading into Capricorn the at the end of September, so use the remaining time to finish up projects. Mars in your $ sector likes to keep it moving, so hold onto some of that cash. Jupiter heads out of earthy Virgo and into airy Libra, upping your social game. Saturn continues to push you, what do you need to get real about? The world is taking you a lot more seriously as you have become someone to reckon with. Don’t be afraid of the work involved in this transformation, Saturn will respond to any effort on your part. Speaking of which, with Merc Retro in your career sector, you may find yourself having to return to the drawing board again and again as you clean up errors. Just roll with it, you can live with people thinking you’re unhinged for a bit, it won’t last forever.

Capricorn/Rising: Pluto direct continues his tour of Cap. You’re vibing a bit sea witch with the added Scorp vibe this has lent you. Transform baby, we’re all enthralled. This direct motion will help many of you that have turned agonizingly inward during this time which began last spring. You’re the ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb of the zodiac with Jupiter about to cross your midheaven, one of the best transits out there. Wanna try something new? Look good while you’re doing it? Especially with career and public image, you are in the driver’s seat. Mars hits Cap on the 27th and you are set to be an action hero as you mop the floor with even the most mundane tasks, the only question is, what will you do with all that left over time and energy? Boom bb!

Aquarius/Rising: Pluto direct in your soul sector starts the transformation process moving forward again. Jupiter is approaching your midheaven as it heads to your accelerated learning zone, you’ve got the power and will have it for about the next 4 years. Please mojo responsibly. Speaking of which, 11th house Saturn and 2nd house Neptune continue to spar. How can you work to match your dreams to your resources? Does one need to get bigger? Does one need to get real? The New Moon eclipse in Virgo all goes down in your voodoo zone, and it’s extra wonk with the Merc Retrograde all up in there too. But if anyone can handle it, it’s you. Don’t let the bastards get you down, just wade through it and look for the hidden streams of light. Remain fabulous.

Pisces/Rising:  The split between your public self and how you you view yourself can seem like a series of fun house mirrors. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing as more than one thing can be true. It’s important to keep an inner kernel of selfhood just for you, as you tend to slough off into your immediate environment. Partnership is highlighted with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your house of commitment. A new start is indicated along with a review of a past relationship that could use with some reconsideration. There’s a chance that September could see you benefit from other people’s resources, but avoid strings honey. Your social life will be heating up with Mars entering the picture, earth isn’t his fastest habitat, but it provides a solid footing in a fleeting world.

Aries/Rising: Venus in your committed partnerships sector is so nice! And it’s about time too, what a welcome break! Whether it’s a new business associate or a marital interest, Venus grows it from her home field of Libra. What you know, what you need to know and how you learn it can feel at odds with your spiritual resources. But is that really true? It can feel that way sometimes as we grapple with wanting to make changes but thinking we fundamentally cannot because of who we are or who we were. But these too are only ideas. Can you drop them, for a day? In the tarot, the Devil card is often portrayed with two humans in chains. But the joke is the chains are far too lose to hold them, they need only remove them themselves to achieve freedom. Think about how this applies to you during September.

Taurus/Rising: The crucible where your current character is being forged is where your ideals come up against other people’s resources. Other astrologers might tell you to buck up and err on the side of maturity, and that certainly has it’s place. But, I’d suggest instead looking at how you can balance the two perfectly. What false dichotomy are you selling yourself? What belief is turning you into a slave? Take a look at how your thinking impacts your reality in these specific ways. You will be getting a break as Venus glows her way into your daily routine, adding a bit of much needed charm and friendliness in your work-a-day world and administrative sector. The Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Virgo give a reset and the Mercury retrograde energy likes to go over the details with a fine tooth mirror, so in the end, you know exactly what to finesse.

Gemini/Rising: Venus in your house of romance is lookin’ good, you lucky sprite. Not only that but when Jupiter drops you may be more than lucky in love. Some cats get all the breaks.  You’ve got the Saturn-Neptune square happening in your commited partnerships and public image zones. Neptune is leading you down a path less traveled and Saturn is going to clean out what  you don’t need. So, if it’s not working, let go already.  Pluto in your 8th house is spooky af, though you’ve gotten used to it now. Halfway through your transformation here, the direct motion brings a lot up for surface examination. In what ways are you embodying transformation through shared resources? Again, if you don’t need it, buh-bye!

Cancer/Rising: I just did a solar return chart for a client who is going to have a Cancer rising chart year. I’ll tell you what I told him, you’re a Moon Child, and that’s especially meaningful with September’s lunations. The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo is a reset with everything communication oriented. Merc Retro makes it all a crooked path. Education is back in the spotlight, and just in time as this Eclipse is on your 3rd/9th house axis. Venus brings her glitter to your homefront, think love, beauty and prosperity! The Saturn-Neptune square are forcing the work/education hustle as Saturn keeps trying to turn those witchy dreams into practical magic. Pluto direct in your committed partnerships sector brings inner changes to the surface. Remember, Pluto is retrograde most of the time anyway. Reflect on themes of power in your committed partnerships be they business or pleasure. Transformation comes more easily now with the forward motion.

Leo/Rising: How do “fun” and spirituality mesh in your life? Saturn in your house of good times can be a wonderful time to cement a creative project, meet an older lover and put some structure to your dreams. Not gonna lie, it can have its tough side too. The Solar Eclipse in your house of resources says it’s time to rethink your financial life. This is the perfect time for REview as Merc Retro is covering that sector all of September. Venus in your communication zone charms your speech and if you’re not writing poetry or grant letters, you are wasting this fantastic gift of persuasion! Your best relationship strategy in September is that when you feel an urgent need to enlighten a loved one, really step back from that for 24 hours and run it by someone first. The emotional weather is wild during Eclipse season, don’t show your hand if you don’t need to.



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