Mercury Retrograde Time Braid

Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini. Think about all those Virgo powers of analysis, observation and attention to detail. And yes, yes, Virgo turns that attention to matters of health, etc. Now factor in the Gemini buzz, sampling people, places, experiences. And then what do they do? They tell us about it and they tell us what it means and they tell us what to do about it. Communication baby!

Mercurial: Quick, fickle, temperamental, changeable.  In astrology, Mercury rules transportation, writing, timing, communication, your nimble hands. When Mercury goes retrograde,  areas ruled by Mercury are up for review. But it’s more than that, right?

Travel plans go awry, electronics go on the fritz, texts go unanswered, miscommunication seems to be the norm. Given that few of us can afford to stay home hiding under the covers for the duration of a retrograde, here’s what you need to know.

The time leading up to the shadow period started on August 10th, perhaps you had an inkling that things were off kilter. But it was just a blip. Then, from the 25th-29th it’s weird thanks so much, no longer a blip, there begins to be a steady stream of hiccups, we can no longer ignore the parallel universe bleeding into ours. On the 30th, Mercury stations direct–in layperson speak, keep your head down. Be patient, go slow, expect delays, particularly in areas of your chart ruled by Mercury.  Retro fuqery continues at an intense level through Sept 3rd. The 4-17th of September sees ongoing Mercury Retrograde activity which begins to peak again the 18th-21st of September. We get another big Retro spike on Sept 22nd due to Mercury stationing direct once again. The 24th-25th are intense and we then step down into another shadow and post shadow, finally ending on the 6th of October.

I’m including the shadow phases here because this is happening in Mercury’s milieu, Virgo, so that’s always a bit heavier than a typical Merc Retro. The Retro horror stories are real, but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like that. You wouldn’t leave your house without an umbrella during a rainstorm or insist on wearing your summer gear. It’s the same with Mercury Retrograde periods–if you expect delays, if you avoid signing contracts during the most intense days, just check and recheck everything, you’ll be okay. In fact, Mercury Retrogrades are a fantastic time to do inner work, practice acceptance and going with the flow. Anything with a RE is perfect, REview, REwrite, REvisit, REconsider, you get the picture.

Time doesn’t seem to move in a linear fashion during Mercury Retrograde, learn to expect the unexpected and look for little bubbles of REvelation, as there is almost always some ribbon of mystery that loops back around for REsolution during these periods. There must be some cosmic origami going on as a Mercury Retrograde is nothing so much as a chiastic structure and you can never be the same coming out of it as you were going in.

Journey well!



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