Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse

So I dunno, NASA says it ain’t an Eclipse but it feels like an Eclipse as we head into a season of ’em. So there, I called it. You’re welcome!

Whenever we get a Full Moon we’re looking at what’s in light and what’s in shadow. Aquarius shadow falls in Leo (where it’s opposing the Sun). Leo loves the personal, the show, the romance. Aquarius is all about the detached, the impersonal, the far out. We need them both and you have them both in your chart.

So, the zing is all Aqua this time around. On Thursday, August 18th at 2:26 a.m. the ultra individualist rebel Aquarius Moon is full. At 2:42  a.m. the Lunar Eclipse (almost, thanks Neptune!) occurs.

The Full Moon is always a ripening, a time of fruition and the ripple goes on for a couple of weeks. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse goes on for about 6 mos, meaning it can take that long to grok where the change in trajectory has taken us.

Guess what, you are a special snowflake! This Full Moon makes a Yod (think a finger pointing to fate!) to Jupiter and they are aiming at..Uranus! On a personal level, set the controls for WEIRD. Aquarius cares nothing for convention, it is way past all of that. How are you doing with individualism? Expressing your unique self? Somewhere in your chart it’s the Age of  Aquarius and baby, let the freak off the leash. The time is now.

On a global note, this Aquarius Full Moon does have some explosive potential and I leave you with one of my fave astrologers over at Dark Star Astrology to explore some of that with you.

Alright kids, it’s time to suit up and head out into the Aqua Bat Moon. Might I suggest your finest tinfoil hat, it goes with everything and it’s just the perfect choice for your next 24 hours.

*Photo by Elizaveta Porodina



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