The Truth About August

Is it still an Eclipse if NASA says it’s not? All the calendars say August 18th is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and I included it in the August Horoscopes.. But The Mountain Astrologer updated me to the fact that they had inquired and it is not a true eclipse, but very close.  This confusion lends a very Neptunian air to the proceedings! It reminds me of Duchamp’s ‘Nude Descending A Staircase, No. 2’–where only total fiction could get at the truth of the subject.

Things are changing rapidly in August, and we will be witnessing interesting times as we come into the middle of the month. August 8th sees the beginning of the Saturn-Neptune-Venus-Jupiter Mutable Cross, which will peak on August 14th and end August 17th.

Review: The Mutables are frisky, leaders of change and adaptability. A Grand Cross is when there are 4 squares created by the planets involved. Squares are dymanic tension, they scream Aktion! If you have a lot of Virgo/Pisces/Gemini/Sagittarius in your chart, it’s Go Time! for you.

Neptune and Saturn have no doubt gotten your attention recently as they have been squaring off since September 2015, first going exact in November 2015. Exact again in June of 2016 and the final exact square will come in September.

Even if you an utter astrology novice, go to and generate your chart, take a look at where the Neptune-Square are happening for you. Are you making your dreams real or is reality quashing your dreams?

Neptune is Pisces since 2012 is, when well played, all about spiritualizing everything it touches. When not well played it’s a toxic sewer ray . Saturn in Sag since (mostly) 2014 when vibrating at its highest octave, is all about structuring our lives around our belief systems, truth to power. When it is on the dl, it’s like a concrete sprayer sticking you where you least want to be.

The Saturn-Neptune square is happening in whatever houses you have that are ruled by Pisces/Sagittarius respectively. Astrologers are split, I’d say half the futurologists are focused on the difficulties this square is manifesting (Saturn) and half are ecstatic about the expanding possibilities (Neptune). Truth is, we’re all a little bit right.

*Art by Tim Manthey




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