New Moon in Leo

One of the benefits of writing about Astrology is that because it is a marginalized art, I can pretty much say what I want. Subversive, right? Not “believing” in Astrology is irrelevant as Astrology, like Psychology, Literature or Philosophy, is really about a language. Cultures often create their own language, whether it be our work culture, our school culture or any other group we belong to, we invent a way of talking to one another unique to our shared  experience.

The New Moon is Leo is a wonderful time to look at how we are manifesting as leaders, creatives and playful actors. Wherever this is happening in your chart, these Leo themes give us a fresh chance to activate our charisma.

Best use of a Leo New Moon, wear a touch of metallic gold or golden yellow and allow yourself to be charmed by the vibe, keep it light. Take your inner child out for a sorbet or enjoy a performance. This is not the time to balance your budget or get serious. Focus on themes having to do with illumination, plant seeds you hope to harvest in early 2017. Go, be glamorous and enjoy this fresh burst of zesty energy.

* The beautiful tarot card above is from Coilhouse net:  Mer as The Black Ibis Sun by Bethalynne Bajema.



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