August Horoscopes

“Memory believes before knowing remembers. Believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing even wonders.” ~William Faulkner from Light in August

The changing sky is wild in August, make the most of it by reading your Sun/Moon/Rising signs for the most accuracy. These horoscopes are whipped up using a solar horoscope, aka Sun on the Ascendant for your sign and that will also read just as deliciously for your Rising. Please note that general horoscopes do not include your house system, angles, planetary goings-on and are not a substitute for a professional reading.

Leo/Rising:  It really is all about you in August. The New Moon in Leo August 2nd is just what you’ve been waiting for. Soak up all that golden light and prepare to lovebuzz those around you as Venus is all up in Leo through the 6th. This flowy vibe is just what you need to get that creative qi moving. Saturn direct on the 13th will further your ability to act rather than reflect, a welcome change after your recent stint in yin world. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 18th will be running the juice straight to your partnership sector. Should you stay or should you go? You’ll have a unique opportunity to cut ties or bind them up with minimal dramz due to a moment of crystal clarity, don’t waste it!

Virgo/Rising:  Virgo currently has a lot of gravitas as many plot points that had been previously gathering energy are about to unfold and move center stage. Use the Leo New Moon of the 2nd to get rid of all baggage whether emotional or physical. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse throws health and administrative issues into full relief. Venus in Virgo spells the beginning of a heavy Charm Offensive, will you be the charmed or the charming? I don’t think you have to choose. Chiron in Pisces opposing Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo have made it Interesting Times for the Virgin and with Mercury in the mix, there’s a whole lotta thinkin’ going on. But wait, Mercury going Retro on the 30th has the potential to be the epilogue that ties it all together and we may gain the perspective we have lacked up until now.

Libra/Rising:  You’re a social butterfly this New Moon in Leo with the focus squarely on your friend zone. Come August 2nd, do not stay home! It’s always hard for you to get into action, even more so with Mars in water. Fear not, Mars is finally heading into the Sag fire  on the 2nd helping you out of the ennui zone supported by no less than Saturn going direct on the 13th. Phew! My eye is on the 29th when Venus enters her home sign, exalted in Libra. Especially for Risings, you are going to be feeling yourself. This can be a beautiful growth period in all Venus ruled domains, romance, art, aesthetics. Even more intriguing is that Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming down in your house of Fun and Romance. This is a brill chance to reconnect with your paramour or reevaluate whether this is a position that needs to be filled with someone more appropriate. Keep it light and airy, the best decisions come with a heavy dose of detachment.

Scorpio/Rising:  Career is your jam with the New Moon in Leo August 2nd. You’re a leader, albeit sometimes a quiet one. Mars comes up for air finally leaving for the fire kingdom of Sagittarius after swimming in your black waters for an extended run. You’ll enjoy the new sense of being self-contained. Risings will be catching that cash just remember not to let it burn up just as quickly as you make it. Saturn going direct in your $ sector intensifies the need for maturity in this area. Venus in Virgo bodes well for a few weeks before it hits Libra, you vibe at this frequency and it shows. The Merc Retro is going to see you reviewing friendships and other social contracts. Don’t trip, keep your feelings to yourself first, you’ll be glad you did as they’ll be changing frequently. Your home front is in the spotlight with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 18th, family matters are illuminated and hopefully resolved. Nerves may be jangled, think before you strike.

Sagittarius/Rising:  Mars brings a much needed boost to you beginning August 3rd. I’m not thrilled about how this might play out on the world stage given some of the darker aspects of Saturn in Sagittarius, but that’s not your fault dear. You’re continuing to transform your value structure and become a more mature individual. The 13th sees Saturn go direct in your sign and this will also help you come out of the haze and be more of a player. Oh I know you have always been a person of substance but somehow with your pie-in-the-sky idealism and goofy sense of humor, I’m not sure others always take you with the seriousness you deserve. The New Moon in Leo on the 2nd throws a light on speaking your truth, now is the time to do it! The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius asks you to focus on short terms goals and plans, what can you do now to get where you want to go?

Capricorn/Rising:  In Tarot, the Death card is really about transformation. Your stint as a Plutonian is at the halfway mark now, how different are you from where you started in 2008? The New Moon in Leo hits the refresh button on matters of spirituality and sacred sex, are you having some? Even with yourself? Yeah, get on that. Merc Retro is going to support all this inner change by allowing you to do a close examination of your day-to-day philosophy, is it serving you? Do you need new gods? Saturn going direct the 13th is going to help you let go and move forward on a soul level, you were blindsided the way so much of the past came up again but, it really needed to. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is going to bring to light a lot of your beliefs about $ and how you value other types of currency, don’t be afraid to change.

Aquarius/Rising:  August is the month, the extreme Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is happening in Aqua and IF you can resist the siren call of old, comfortable patterns, you have the opportunity to change and never look back. Saturn direct on the 13th in your social sector supports your transformation. The New Moon in Leo falls in your house of committed partnerships and is an ideal time to renew and possibly cement a new love or reinvigorate an old love or deeply committed partnership. Merc Retro is gonna bring $ into the picture, you’ll have a chance to cleanse your money karma to the degree that you’re willing to clean up your relationships. Use this window to launch Next Level Aquarius, or get stuck in another spin cycle. Now I am going to be honest, along with all the opportunity, August will bring a lot of untamed feelings, keep your center. Use CODE #aquabat to book in August and you can have a special Full Moon Session for only $44 dollars. First come first serve when the appointments are gone, the offer expires. BUT I will do a blog post for the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar eclipse and though it won’t be personalized to you, it will still be helpful.

Pisces/Rising:  The New Moon on the 2nd is an excellent time to revamp your health and wellness game. Admin details can also be finessed so that you can sit back and chill knowing you’re taken care of. Career gets some forward momentum with Saturn direct on the 13th and it gets even hotter with Mars moving into your public image realm bringing that back to school vibe with it. You’re ready! Merc Retro the end of the month brings review on steroids in your house of Love. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 18th is happening in your spirit sector, there may be things about yourself that you’ve chosen not to own or maybe they have simply been lost in the mists. Think back, what was that foe that tried to rip you out of your dreamy realm in the not so distant past? When it returns, you’ll be ready, having learned so much this past year.

Aries/Rising: Your ruler Mars goes direct on August 3rd and it feels good. Your focus comes back, better than before. You’ve been working on your philosophy of life for a while now, reviewing your life story and how you got to here.  Now you can start to use what you’ve learned to make your life better, and isn’t that really the point? The New Moon in Leo brings a rush of creativity and spotlights your current crush, use this surge to bring your dreams a little closer to reality and decompartmentalize all those separate selves. Enjoy today because the future is rushing at you. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shakes up your social scene, do you really still belong to the groups you’re a part of? What can you do about that? Make sure the peeps you fly with share your humanitarian values and if they don’t, you are so in the wrong band!

Taurus/Rising: Mars is finally exiting your partner zone, leaving you feeling relief. For some of you, that angst turned inward and that load will start lightening up the beginning of August after months of festering. The New Moon in Leo brings a beautiful vibe of renewal to your home life, even the past gets a light diffusing  treatment making it a little less sharp, a little less a thorn in your side. Merc Retro the end of August is going to iron in some of those lessons that Jupiter and the North Node have been trying to get you to pay attention to, namely that service can be fun and sexxay. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 18th puts career at the center of some major revamp. In all that you do in August, be kind to yourself and focus on all that is a balm to your nerves. Avoid rushing as that is often the domino that takes the others down with it. You’re better than fine Taurus, remind yourself, okay?

Gemini/Rising: If you’ve  been dealing with a lot of bitchy people lately, I caution you to consider the possibility that you might be projecting. That being said, don’t take on other people’s work load or responsibilities that they should be attending to themselves. Mars direct heads into your house of love on August 3rd and brings some action to the fore. Partnerships start heating up and you get a chance to talk about what you need, go ahead! People pleasing comes so easily to you but I am not convinced it’s always in your best interest. The New Moon in Leo on August allows you to state your case eloquently and with passion, use the power wisely! The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings sudden, intuitive vision, you see what you have never seen and if I am not mistaken you can even see into the future. Relationships that have been tense the last few months need your attention now, and you have the ability to direct some healing toward those that matter most in August.

Cancer/Rising: Work gets cooking again as vacay is ovah! That’s alright, you’re so ready. Saturn going direct on the 13th in your workaday world is going to give you some productive mojo and you can get it done bb. This also pairs with the coming Mars direct so you will now be an every day Action Hero. The New Moon in Leo on the 2nd  helps you get a fresh financial start and maybe something shiny. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has the potential to be a rebirth for you. That sounds nice and it can be, but remember that birth can be painful, messy. Learn to embrace both aspects of the experience. One thing is certain, you will come out the other side with something new, something that wasn’t here before or that you didn’t know or see. And you have to go way, way out into the universe to get it. Whatever it looks like on the outside, there is some connection to an occult revelation underneath, look closely.

*Photo by Christina Ann VanMeter



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