The Importance of Being Leo

We’ve just entered glorious Leo season, the sign for which the most adjectives exist. Childlike, romantic,  a leader,  artistic,  regal? Check, check, check. People have such strong feelings about Leo, but just who is this cat?

Everyone has a favorite Leo, one of mine is J.K. Rowling. Like all Leos, she serves humanity with some spectacular talent that we just can’t pull ourselves away from. Her 3rd house Leo sun is all about passionate communication and drama. Well played or what?! Some of the main recurring themes of JK Rowling’s personal life and throughout the Harry Potter series are honor and dignity, and these are the qualities I most associate with noble Leo. Yes they are glamorous, yes they love attention but above all, a high functioning Leo is all about loyalty and their code of honor. Where in your chart are you rockin’ a Leo vibe?

Now a word about their hair. I’ve gotten more questions about Leo hair than any other sign. First off, different signs and planets absolutely have their own hairdressing pros and cons. It is true that Leos prefer big impact hair whether through a big shape or a sunny color. Fire signs however are the most prone to hair loss due to head heat and their hair tends to be fine in texture even if the volume itself is thick. Like it’s skinny but they have a lot of it. It also tends to be curly, not unlike a mane. My astro beauty tip is that if you have prominent Leo, don’t let Saturn do your hair (think Mr. Spock’s no nonsense, straight edges), and take care of your scalp with a nice cooling, clarifying tonic. Then you’ll be free to focus on the really important stuff in life, like showing the rest of us how to be fabulous!

Final thought: Never ever underestimate Leo.


*Painting by Annelie Solis




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