Capricorn Full Moon

Tuesday, July 19th at 15:56 PDT the Moon is Full in Capricorn. This is one of the best Full Moons of the year for manifesting. Capricorn is the strongest Earth energy available, so get yourself a quartz crystal, or any earthy rock and nest it with a little dirt or moss and use it to focus your mind during meditation. You will be astounded at all the energy you’ll draw.

Full Moons often bring into stark relief everything we have already set in motion. Saturnian themes such as responsibility, maturity and time management are highlighted with this lunation. Leadership is also on the menu as Capricorn energy loves to consolidate power.

Temper, temper, a sextile with Mars amplifies the urge to combust be it through creative pursuits, physical activity or angry outbursts. Again, refer to the positive Capricorn themes mentioned above and divert yourself to their practice if you feel a little too hot headed. We’re also still under the influence of a water trine as well as a Pluto -Sun opposition, Pluto amps this Cap Moon up a bit. I mean, Pluto, right? That guy always puts a dark sparkle on the whole shebang and this Full Moon will be no different.

To find out what structures will be hit by this Capricorn Full Moon, take a look at your chart and pay attention to the house ruled by Capricorn. Extra points for looking across the axis to see where Cancer is opposite and how the balance of these polarities will be in play for you.

This is the perfect time to   GROUND  yourself and reconnect with your earthly self.



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