Card of The Day

Today’s draw is the King of Swords. You found this blog or you are receiving this email update because you’re subscribed. That’s how I know this card is for you. Somehow,  you and the King of Swords were supposed to meet today.

The mighty King of Swords says it’s time to be on our toes. Clear thinking, enlightenment and justice rule the day here. And if they don’t, we need to be on the watch as to how to expand in these areas. The sharp intellect indicated boosts our IQ factor to the highest degree.

Whether this is a facet of yourself or someone who will enter your arena depends on how you’re manifesting this energy. How are you embodying authority, justice and reason? I drew this card earlier in the day while meditating on both Cancer and the 9th house. Look to your chart to see what areas are activated for you. Where is your Cancer? What is the ruler of your 9th house? Sagittarius is the natural ruler of the 9th house and rules philosophy, religion and foreign cultures.

As I end this post and the day is coming to a close, we see that the world stage is in dire need of the best attributes of the King of Swords. An heroic figure who can make sense of what we need to do next. Use the King of Swords to guide the transformation of your noble impulses into your most principled self, in this way you cannot lose sight of your True North aka, Right Action and next right action. Use your words to promote cooperation and your hands in service to others. Be true.


*Photo Credit: Byron as King of Knives/Swords from Corpse Cafe blog.



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