What Kind Of Martian Are You?

Think you’re a chill Taurus or a lovely Libra with no martian vibe to speak of? Well, think again! We all have Mars somewhere in our charts. One of the first things I look for in a chart is where someone has their Venus (what they love) and their Mars (how they go after it). Want to know what sort of lover someone is? What kind of leader? How about how they fight? Yep, there’s a Mars for that. Mars is the engine of our chart, to find out where yours is visit astro.com.


Mars in Aries: You are a spicy one! Quick to act, impatient with those who aren’t. Direct and prone to temper flares if forced to slow down, the gift of this martian’s style is they are not grudge holders. You always know where you stand with this sexxay cat. Keep it moving!

Mars in Taurus: This is a placement of incredible stamina. Need something done that takes prodigious staying power, this is your Mars. Also great at accumulating wealth and anything that feeds the senses. Super slow to anger, but once the fuse is lit, watch out. These reliable peeps are for keeps.

Mars in Gemini: This is the multitasker of the lot. Juggling lots of projects at once, this character thrives on keeping it fresh. Great to have at your party, they will talk to everyone and keep the flow. Need a verbal assassin to craft a letter to the boss/ex? This is who you wanna talk to. They fear only boredom.

Mars in Cancer: Loves hot, emotional trysts with lots of entanglements. Protective and broody at their best, they avoid directness when angered. Oh, but they’ll get you, don’t worry. Poetic and prone to fits of temper, they’re quite lovely when they feel secure. These crabs blossom when they feel cherished and understood.

Mars in Leo: This tribe are natural born leaders, they are direct and do not fuq around. Passionate and loyal, they demand the same. Hot heads at times but with the best intentions, these noble romantics wear their hearts on their sleeves. Give them a purpose and an army and they will never fail you.

Mars in Virgo: Such a work horse, if you ever interview one, hire them yesterday. They can drive themselves a bit too hard and be less than pleasant when overtired or stressed. If they remember to excel at their downtime as well as their project time, these delightful secret agent sensualists are just divine. They can forget they have a body, remind them!

Mars in Libra: These graceful charmers are determined to make life fair and beautiful for all of us. That can tangle up the machinery when it comes to decision time, but if they can learn to focus inward and err on the side of their quiet inner voice, life moves smoothly forward. It’s okay to be angry sometimes, in fact, it’s cathartic and people will love you anyway.

Mars in Scorpio: High achievers all, as well as dashing lovers. Important for this placement to keep their ethics game strong, lest they go all creepypasta. At their best, these are the Snapes of the world, answering to a higher, inexplicable calling, often without sufficient back up. These all or nothing lovers are worth the trouble, faithful to the end. Always.

Mars in Sagittarius: Driven by their vision of the Truth, these kids can get all riled up. Let them have their say and try not to take it personally. They sincerely love you, but sometimes the mouth moves before the brain is in gear. These gifted centaurs don’t stay down for long as they are just too sparkly for gravity. In a world of fakers, these martians are the real deal.

Mars in Capricorn: Cool customers, this is who I’d want to sit on any panel of The Intergalactic Justice Committee. Never harder on you then they are on themselves, logic is their weapon of choice. Brokers in reality, they strive for practical solutions and mostly avoid being swayed by their lower natures. Remind them to factor in the emotional content and prepare to prosper.

Mars in Aquarius:  No one quite knows what to make of Mars in Aqua, their agendas are so far out of our mortal realm. Intellectual on a level beyond the ken of most folks, they answer to a vision only they can see. They may be our alien overlords but they make it so great we like it that way. They are the best at the live and let live attitude prized by all of the greatest societies, we have much to learn from them.

Mars in Pisces: These gentle Neptunians, when well adjusted, use their creative juices to fight for everything peace and love. Champions of the poor and disenfranchised, this is the hero of the underdog. The key here is finding where their own passions lie and not taking the path of least resistance just because everyone else is.  Remember it’s okay to have your own needs and you’re set to glow!


Whatever your warrior style, individual charts with their various aspects, will vary. Take a look at your friends charts and you may get a sense of why you keep having that same argument over and over again. Are you an exploder or a slow simmerer? Styles of resolution and what constitutes justice can vary. The Red Planet went direct in Scorpio on June 29th after a retrograde that began April 17th.


Photo Credit: Zenobia Of Palmyra by Gambargin




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